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Best Airbnb Hot Tub – The King of Outdoor Amenities

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You may be thinking that hot tubs are too expensive for your listing and out of reach. But you probably didn’t know you can buy the best Airbnb hot tub with Amazon Prime now.

While it definitely depends on what type of listing you have and whether or not you have outdoor space to store this massive amenity, one thing is certain. Hot tubs are a huge selling point for a short-term rental. Sure, it could depend on your local market, but a hot tub is a luxury outdoor amenity in most cases. All of our listings include the best Airbnb hot tub, and guests mention it constantly in the 5-star reviews they leave.

So let’s dive into some great options for a hot tub at your rental space.

What is the Best Hot Tub for Airbnb?

For 2 to 4 people

If your listing accommodates less than five people, this Essential Hot Tubs Newport Lounger is an amazing value. We have it at multiple properties and it’s an amazing return on investment. It is very convenient because you have the option of plugging it into a standard outlet, but it can also be upgraded to accommodate 220V.

It comes with an insulated cover; these can typically cost $300-400 if you have them custom-made. It comes in 3 different colors and features 14 jets!

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Best Airbnb Hot Tub for 5 to 6 people

If your listing accommodates more than four people, you’ll want to consider getting a bigger hot tub that can fit everybody. Guests won’t appreciate getting left out! The best Airbnb hot tub for 5 to 6 guests is the Essential Hot Tubs Waterfront. It does not require any upgraded electrical or complicated installation. You can just plug it into any outdoor outlet.

It features 11 jets and comes with an insulated cover, and these can typically cost $300-400 if you have them custom-made.

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The Luxury Option

The previous two options offer a great value. But if your listing is high-end, you might want the best Airbnb hot tub with more features. We recommend the Essential Hot Tubs 67 Jets Syracuse for luxury or upscale Airbnb listings. It seats six guests and includes a Bluetooth sound system, a waterfall jet, and really cool LED lighting. It does require a 240V electrical outlet.

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A Host’s Guide for a Hot Tub at Your Airbnb

While they’re a huge draw (and worth the hassle), this is one amenity you can’t forget about. It will take a little maintenance to keep your hot tub working smoothly for every guest. Here are a few things you should know and stock up on if you plan to have a hot tub on your property.

Hot Tub Maintenance for Airbnb

Once you have the best hot tub for your Airbnb, you’ll want to make sure you have a reliable hot tub cleaning service. If your listing has a pool, your pool cleaning service will be able to handle this for you. However, if you need to find a fantastic Airbnb hot tub cleaning service, we recommend using Thumbtack to compare bids.

If you’re planning to clean it yourself, many retailers say you don’t need a ton of special cleaning products. You really just need some standard vinegar. Anything sudsy might affect the airstream. There are cleaners you can pick up to combat hard water build-up too. The tricky part is really getting into all the nooks and crannies of the tub to make sure it’s completely clean. This is where experienced cleaners come in handy.

Plan for Extra Power Usage

One really common question we get from hosts is whether or not they can shut off the hot tubs in-between guests. The answer is no! Because of the way hot tubs are built, it’s better to keep them running. It will work best and last the longest that way. Of course, that also means it will use more electricity. So plan for it, and trust that keeping it on will preserve the life of your purchase and reduce maintenance.

Update Your House Rules

Be sure that you update your Airbnb house rules to include guidelines for the hot tub. Let guests know how many people are allowed to go into the hot tub at once, otherwise, it could overflow! Make sure that you advise them to shower off before use so your hot tub cleaning service doesn’t need to constantly drain the water and refill it, which will be money out of your pocket.

Safety and Maintenance Requirements

Check with your municipality or HOA and learn of any requirements they have for hot tub safety and maintenance in rental units before purchasing one.

Inquire with your insurance provider to see if they will insure you with a hot tub and if they have requirements for posting notices and informing guests of rules or other stipulations.

Advise guests not to leave their children unattended in or near the hot tub. Water safety is no joke! Make sure you have the proper locking equipment on the cover so that children aren’t able to open it themselves.

Don’t Forget Towels

We use special Airbnb towels that are different from the standard bath towels we offer to guests. You’ll want to include more towels when offering a hot tub experience with your listing. Here are a few other things to keep on-hand for guests:

If you don’t want to actually include those items, you could make a recommendation list for your guests with items they might want to bring with them. You can send this out in advance with your welcome letter.

Make a Splash With an Impressive Airbnb Listing

No, hot tubs aren’t required to make your rental property a success, but they certainly don’t hurt. Even the idea of having a hot tub available gives guests that luxury, vacation feeling. If you’re looking for a rating boost, this is one way to go about it.

Would you consider putting a hot tub in your Airbnb?

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