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Rusk W8less Hair Dryer Review for Airbnb

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One of the many considerations to make as an Airbnb host is how to create a 5-star experience without spending a massive amount of money. Providing high-quality, luxury convenience items like the Rusk W8less hair dryer is an easy way to help turn an ordinary Airbnb stay into an exceptional one.

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At first consideration, some people may think that making a hair dryer available to guests is an unnecessary expense. However, Nathan Blecharczyk, co-founder of Airbnb, claims otherwise. At Quartz’s The Next Billion conference, he stated that the average rental price of a unit with a hair dryer averages $10 more a night versus one without. Investing in this small touch pays off in the end.

The Rusk W8less Hair Dryer is Worth The Investment

Exceptionally well-reviewed by both professional hairdressers and home users, the Rusk W8less is true to its name. The hair dryer weighs less than a pound and packs a punch with its 2000-watt performance.

Reviewer after reviewer wrote that they found it easy to hold and use, and were impressed with the fact that they could use it comfortably for long periods of time. The stylish blowout that many perfect takes time to create. Yet many who used the Rusk W8less to create their style claimed that their arms and hands were not fatigued.


As we all know, to a certain extent, we do tend to get what we pay for. The Rusk hair dryers are neither the least expensive on the market, nor are they the most costly. The W8less model is reasonably priced, considering some hand-held hair dryers may cost as much as $300.

Specs and Features

A user-favorite spec that makes this an excellent choice for your Airbnb is its long cord. The cord gives the user a wider range of outlet options when drying and styling their hair.

The Rusk uses 2000-watts and infrared heat, which is said to reduce drying time. These rays penetrate the outer cuticle of the hair, drying it from the inside out. People with thick, curly hair can benefit from infrared heat, as over-drying with a traditional dryer may create frizz. The manufacturer backs this up, claiming that the hair dryer is particularly useful for those with very thick, curly hair.

There is also a “cold-shot” setting, which is said to help set a style, cool down your hair, and help keep the shine in. This button will work as long as it is pressed and held by the user.

A concentrator (nozzle attachment) is included with the hair dryer. The machine has a two-year limited warranty.

Users Love this Hair Dryer

Many users found that they wished they had purchased this dryer sooner. One user wrote, “I had held off buying something like this for years. Once I did get the W8less Rusk, I kicked myself for having waited so long. My hair looks great, and it was done in a flash.”

Another buyer even wrote that she was going to go ahead and purchase a second unit. Then she would have a backup when it’s time to replace the first one.

This kind of enthusiasm for a product is exceptionally rare!

Reviews also state that the hair dryer is not too loud, either. Perhaps, most importantly, the vast majority of users reported that the dryer did not damage their hair in any way.

Potential Issues for the Rusk W8less Blow Dryer

The only issue with the Rusk W8less is the placement of the controls. Many people found that they can accidentally change a heat or blower setting because of where the switches are located on the machine. This can be annoying, yes, but should not take it out of the running.

This issue depends on the person. One person’s “bug” may be another one’s favorite “feature.” Other users have said that they liked the controls where they are because it makes it simple to change the settings while they are drying. They can easily do so without putting the dryer down to change it, stopping their styling, and so forth.

Some users said that the concentrator frequently fell off while being used. Although it was troublesome to some users, it did not pose a safety risk. Airbnb hosts who decide to leave this model for guests may wish to simply keep the nozzle in storage. 

Nothing is perfect, but having the Rusk W8less as your Airbnb’s hair dryer would make an attractive and convenient addition to your rental’s in-unit amenities.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Rusk W8less hair dryer is an excellent option for Airbnb hosts looking to supplement their in-unit amenities. It balances luxury and price and will surely make your guests feel like they are being hosted by someone who cares about their comfort. Despite some small technical issues (button placement and a loose attachment), it is an efficient, lightweight hair dryer with a long cord, adding to its convenience.

Guests who rent your Airbnb will not leave feeling as though they made a mistake using your hair dryer.

It is easy to dismiss the idea of providing a hair dryer to guests as dangerous, unnecessary, or silly. The fact is that this small touch can be the difference between an average rating and an excellent one. Not to mention, it can potentially get you more money.

Guests will leave appreciating the fact that you were considerate of their needs, and that is always a good thing. It will result in higher ratings, better reviews, and, ultimately, a more profitable Airbnb business.  

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