Best Luggage Racks for Airbnb 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Providing a luggage rack for your Airbnb guests will make their experience much more comfortable. It is amazing to see how far one little piece of furniture can go with guest satisfaction. Of course, guests can place their luggage on the floor, but why not bolster their experience with the addition of a rack. It is an additional cost, but if guests know they don’t have to leave their bags on the floor, the rack may pay for itself in no time through increased bookings by adding this highly-requested item as an amenity.

At A Glance – Our Top 4 Picks for Best Luggage Racks for Airbnb

#1 Overall Pick – Iris USA Chrome Luggage Rack

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This hotel-quality luggage rack from Iris USA is our top pick for best luggage racks for your Airbnb. This has incredible reviews on Amazon, doesn’t require any tools to set up, and is extremely light & durable. Also comes with 4 plastic foot caps to help protect hardwood floors. A no-brainer purchase where you can’t go wrong for great functionality and price.

#2 Best Vintage – Winsome Wood Scarlett Luggage Rack

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Made from Walnut, this luggage rack by Winsome presents a wonderful vintage look while still getting the job done. It does, however, have a weight limit of 75lbs, which is a slightly less than others on this list. This beautiful luggage rack can be used as a an affordable, functional, and decorative piece.

#3 Most Funky – Silverwood Rhys Metal Luggage Rack

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This funky-looking piece is perfect for a room where colors don’t matter – a room or space that says ‘I am who I am’. Silverwood, ironically, is a gold-colored luggage rack that is great for a very modern and contemporary space. With a limit of up to 100lbs, it will hold most luggage options. Comparatively, it is a bit pricey, and may be better suited for hosts who have a higher budget.

#4 Great Value – Tangkula Luggage Rack (Set of 4)

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Made of a strong metal material, each rack, in the pack of four by Tangkula, can hold up to 130lbs. This is the most weight we’ve seen out of the four luggage racks we suggest, and would be suited to those Airbnbs that are apartments or houses with several guest rooms. Each rack has a storage area under the luggage shelf, which is a great space to store shoes and other guest items.

Luggage Rack – Buying Guide

When shopping for a luggage rack, there are a few key points to keep in mind; from materials and weight limit, to storage space and color, the perfect one is out there waiting for you.

Materials & Weight Limit

The material used to make the luggage rack will ultimately determine how much weight it can hold. The majority of racks listed here, and others available on the market, are produced from metal, making them stable, sturdy, and able to hold up to and in excess of 100lbs. Other racks are made from wood, such as the Winsome, which may not be as durable.

Storage Space

Most luggage racks include one shelf, usually made of woven fabric for luggage, which is sufficient for most guests. However, there are some on the market with several handy storage spaces, such as the Tangkula set of 4, which has a second shelf below the luggage storage space. Realistically, only one level for luggage will do, but if you are hosting a beachside or ski vacation home on Airbnb, or in any other location where guests may bring more luggage than usual, then the Tangkula is the way to go.


Luggage racks come in many colors. Find the one that matches your specific space. Try to keep the color tone of the room consistent. If you aren’t sure, opt for the neutral color of the Iris USA.

Which One Will You Choose?

Guests will appreciate the gesture of this highly-requested amenity, and will be happy they don’t have to keep their luggage on the floor. It may be best to choose a frame made from metal, as these will be the sturdiest and hold the most weight. Pop it in the guest bedroom and away you go!

What is your experience with luggage racks? Has something so small made a big difference in bookings and guest satisfaction? Let us know!

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