The Best TV Stands for Airbnb 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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No room is complete without a television. Ok, maybe 10 or 20 years ago we could get away without having a TV in our rooms or homes, but nowadays it’s pretty common to have at least one per house. As an Airbnb host, one of the first things to consider is a TV for your listing. After you have finished TV shopping, you will need to shop for a stand. Sure, a TV might look better and sleeker attached to the wall, but is it safe and suitable for your Airbnb?

Let’s take a look at some of the best TV stands for your Airbnb on the market! Hopefully, it will help you decide which look best fits your space.

At a Glance – Our Top 5 Picks for The Best TV Stands for Your Airbnb:

Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace Console- The Best Airbnb TV Stand

The king of all TV stands, the Ameriwood Home Farmington is a must if you’re after that wow factor. Not only does it look absolutely stunning, but it is also quite practical. Comprised of 3 storage compartments plus an electric fireplace, yes an electric fireplace, this TV stand really is a one-stop-shop.

Your guests will be talking about it to their friends, so the investment will be worth it!

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  • Great Storage
  • Built-In Electric Fireplace
  • Looks Stunning
  • Suits Most Spaces
  • Multiple wood tones and sizes
  • Expensive
  • Bulky

Vasagle Lowell TV Stand Industrial Console Unit (Runner-Up)

With ample storage and a stunning finish, the Vasagle is our runner-up for the best Airbnb TV stand. While it doesn’t have an electric fireplace, it looks absolutely amazing in most settings. The wood finish adds a touch of class to your living space and will fit anywhere.

This is a great price point for a quality piece of furniture for your Airbnb.

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  • Looks Great
  • Mid-Range Price
  • Storage
  • Easy Assembly
  • Adjustable Shelving
  • May scratch wooden floorboards

Pamari Wrangler Sliding Barn Door TV Stand (Best Mid-Range)

This barn-style TV stand allows you to bring the outside in. For a country American Farmhouse vibe, this is the option for you. There is plenty of storage space for guest amenities, or for the guest to store their items. The Pamari TV stand would also fit well in an industrial-style apartment perfectly.

It’s a great price for a perfect piece to match multiple Airbnb listing themes.

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  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • 9 storage compartments
  • Wood finish
  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Perhaps too expensive for some budgets

Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand (Best-Anywhere)

This Ameriwood Home Carson TV stand is our pick for Best-Anywhere. Its cherry/black finish will suit any room and will add a sense of class and simplicity to your space. With more than enough storage and a price tag to match most budgets, it is a great choice for your Airbnb.

For an additional cost, you may choose from multiple finishes, sizes, and even a fireplace addition!

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  • Within most budgets
  • Looks stunning
  • Cherry/Black finish
  • Ample storage
  • Multiple finishes and sizes for an additional cost
  • Fireplace option
  • Easily scratchable
  • Dirt and dust will be visible
  • Quite long

Furinno Jaya Large Entertainment Stand (Best Budget)

Before we go any further, yes this TV stand does look similar to the Ameriwood Home Carson. The Furinno Jaya Entertainment Stand is our best budget pick, and it’s easy to see why. To say there is a lot of storage space would be an understatement and while it doesn’t look as sleek as our runner-up or best-anywhere pick, it still looks great and you can’t beat the price!

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  • Inexpensive
  • Looks good
  • Lots of storage space
  • Made from wood chip
  • Easily scratches

TV Stand Buying Guide

When purchasing a TV stand, you first need to consider your guest’s needs. Ask yourself, ‘Why do I need this stand?’ and, ‘How will I use it?’. There are a few simple things to consider when shopping for a TV stand for your Airbnb.


The material of your TV stand is the most important factor. Ultimately, if your budget is on the lower end, you’ll be looking for a wood chip, refined plastic, or metal stand. If your budget is a bit higher, you may consider a solid wood or marble stand.

Size & Style

First, measure the space that the TV will occupy and then consider what size stand would work best for your needs. Also, take into consideration other furniture in the room and the location of the stand within that room to determine the best style.

The style is also important as it can determine the look and feel of the room. Put yourself in your guest’s shoes. When they are watching TV, what do you want them to see?


Finally, you need to consider the height of the unit. It is recommended to have the stand the same height as any seating in the area, such as couches and chairs. It should be a suitable height to optimize comfort and viewing enjoyment.

Which TV stand is best for your Airbnb?

We will leave it up to you to make the final decision. With some thoughtful planning before buying, we know that you will purchase a wonderful TV stand that suits your space that your guests will love!

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