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The Five Best Airbnb Products That We Found on InHouse

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The following is a sponsored post by InHouse, the online platform that helps vacation rental hosts with turnovers with free software to schedule cleaning. In addition, InHouse – offering everything you need to start making more from your rental.

If you’re a short-term rental host on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO, you know that curating a top-notch guest experience goes beyond just keeping a clean space. That’s where InHouse comes in. Designed specifically for hosts, InHouse offers host-only discounts on over 100,000+ products from host-favorite brands like CB2, West Elm and Public Goods. They also offer SmartLists – customized checklists for your property that help you source the perfect items to set up a new property. 

We’re currently in the process of refreshing one of our vacation rentals, so we were already on the hunt for products to upgrade our guest experience. So far, InHouse has been a pretty huge time saver, and we really appreciate how much easier it is to shop and manage our deliveries from one website. If you’re a host looking to upgrade your guest experience, we definitely recommend checking them out.

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With that in mind, here are our five favorite products we found on InHouse:

1. Public Goods Shower Essentials and Refill Kit

Public Goods is a favorite amenities brand of Airbnb and VRBO owners for a reason. This kit contains all of the essential components for a great shower, including shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. All are formulated with natural ingredients and come in refillable containers. 

Why We Love It as Hosts:

  • Affordable Bulk Option: We’ve found that buying in bulk and refilling containers is cost-effective in the long run, cutting down the repetitive expenses on single-use toiletries.
  • Eco-Friendly: Recently, we heard from a few guests who were asking for more eco-friendly toiletries than what we had available. We took them up on their suggestion and switched to refillable containers. Then, we updated our listing description to highlight the other ways we’ve made our STR more sustainable – it’s important for us that hosts understand that we’re being thoughtful about how we choose what goes into our property. 
  • Consistency: Using the same brand of high-quality products across our short-term rental properties makes it easier for us to re-stock, and easier to make sure our guests get the same experience they see in our listing photos

2. Zuo Modern Xander Desk

Just like we aim for sustainability in our amenities, quality and durability are key for us when it comes to furniture. We like Zuo for modern-looking amenities that fit our budget, without compromising on durability. We’ve found that our Airbnb guests who work remote opt to stay longer and they typically are more consistent year-round bookers. That helps us fill off-season gaps, so it’s important that our listing really appeals to them.

Why We Love It as Hosts:

  • Remote-Work Ready: As we mentioned, we’ve shifted our focus to cater to remote workers. The Xander Desk is functional and stylish, making our space more appealing to one of our key booking audiences.
  • Quality Over Quantity: We’ve had issues with less durable furniture in the past. Zuo has been a reliable alternative, aligning with our modern aesthetic and lasting longer.
  • Photogenic Appeal: The Xander Desk stands out in our listing photos. This adds value to our property, helping it catch the eye of potential guests

3. Minut Home Sensor

We know from experience how important it is to keep the neighbors on your good side as a host, which is why we installed Minut sensors at each of our properties. It’s been a straightforward way to balance the comfort of our guests with the peace of mind our neighbors 

Why We Love it as Hosts:

  • Peace of Mind: The Minut Home Sensor keeps us confident about our property’s safety. It provides real-time alerts for noise, crowding, and even cigarette smoke, allowing us to address issues proactively. It’s obvious but this also keeps our guests safe. By monitoring carbon monoxide levels and other potential hazards, we can take immediate action to ensure everyone’s well-being.
  • Neighbor-Friendly: Maintaining a good relationship with our neighbors is crucial. Minut helps us do that by keeping noise and crowds in check, preventing any neighbor complaints or conflicts.

4. Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Never underestimate the power of a great cup of coffee to kickstart your guests’ day. We recently stayed at an amazing Airbnb in Washington that had the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle, and let me tell you, it took my morning coffee ritual to the next level. I was so blown away by how it elevated the whole guest experience that I went and bought one for my own rental. 

Why We Love it as Hosts:

  • Ease of Use: It has an intuitive features like a 60-minute hold mode and LCD display, guests can effortlessly brew their perfect cup, maximizing their stay with minimal fuss.
  • Guest Experience: We’re all about creating memorable experiences. The Stagg EKG is an easy way to add a layer of luxe that guests genuinely appreciate.

5. Priority Bicycles L Train Belt Drive City Bike

We’ve been trying out this Priority L Train Bike from InHouse as a rental offering to our guests and so far it’s been pretty wonderful as an additional income source to supplement our booking revenue. We integrated the rental into our guest experience via InHouse’s digital home guide Frontdesk. The setup is straightforward, and we expect it to pay for itself in about three months with about half of our guests opting in. 

Why We Love it as Hosts:

  • Quality Experience: We did our research on bikes and wanted to go for a more premium-feeling option that matches the overall level of quality at our property – not a budget Amazon find.
  • Seamless Management: Frontdesk’s digital home guide makes offering rentals super simple. Guests can scan a QR and purchase the rental package right from their phones. 
  • Extra Revenue: We’re charging about $25 a day for renting the bike, which adds up pretty quickly and helps us invest in improving other areas of our guest experience. 

About the Author Beth McGee

Beth McGee is an Airbnb Superhost and a home cleaning and organization expert. Beth enjoys helping hosts succeed in the short-term rental industry through virtual services such as listing setup, guest relations, and creating an excellent guest experience. She is the author of Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master, a best-selling book that has helped thousands of readers improve their well-being and STR experience by transforming their homes into spaces of comfort and cleanliness.