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About The STR Community

We are the central place where you come to discuss and strategize Short Term Rentals with other hosts.

Hosts come here looking for advice, feedback and to share ideas.

Companies come here to educate about their products to help hosts increase revenue and solve issues.

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We are not a mastermind, we are not a course, we are a community.

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About The STR Community

Who's behind the site and community?

AirHost Academy was founded in 2017 by avid Airbnb host, Kevin Kelsey, to help other hosts become the best host they can be.

Since then, AirHost Academy has grown into a community of more than 80,000 hosts from every corner of the globe. The community shares tips, tricks, product reviews and more to help hosts increase their Airbnb revenue, maximize their occupancy rate, and become SuperHosts.

Join our Facebook group to take your hosting to the next level. We ask each other questions, give each other advice, and discuss important hosting topics. You’re free to join, and we think it’s the one thing that will help you become a better host.

If you have any questions and you think we can help, please contact us.

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