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Originally from Connecticut, Kevin moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and worked his way up to becoming an editor on award-winning reality TV shows. Kevin owns 4 short term rentals in Southern California and founded AirHost Academy to help other hosts improve their business.

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How To Sell Items in Your Airbnb With BnSellit

If you’re a host looking for another stream of income, we recommend checking out BnSellit. BnSellit is an app catered towards AirBnb, Vrbo, and other short term rental hosts looking to give their

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Indoor Air Quality: Essentials for a Truly Clean Airbnb

As an Airbnb host, there are certain standards of cleanliness to uphold within your vacation rental property for the health, safety, and comfort of your guests. The pandemic has brought even

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Do You Need a Short-Term (Vacation) Rental Agreement for Airbnb?

Before deciding if a short-term rental agreement is needed, it’s important to understand what is covered by Airbnb’s standard agreement. What Is Included in Airbnb’s Standard Agreement? By

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How to Turn Off Instant Booking on Airbnb

So you want to turn off Instant Booking on your Airbnb listing. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience and are uncomfortable with someone booking your home without asking first. Or maybe your house is listed

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How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Your Airbnb (Complete Guide)

How do you prevent bed bugs in your Airbnb rental? Bed bugs are an Airbnb host’s worst nightmare. They’re the hitchhikers of the insect world. Bed bugs can travel in your guests’ clothing,

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What Is the Best Airbnb Grill – Charcoal or Propane?

If you have an outdoor space that will accommodate it, a grill is a fantastic amenity that is low cost and fairly easy to maintain. In many outdoor markets, guests love grilling as they are usually on

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Best Airbnb Hot Tub – The King of Outdoor Amenities

You may be thinking that hot tubs are too expensive for your listing and out of reach. But you probably didn’t know you can buy the best Airbnb hot tub with Amazon Prime now. While it definitely

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Airbnb Photographer – The Key to a Full Calendar

Your Airbnb photos are the first thing a prospective guest sees when looking through the Airbnb search results. Sure, your Airbnb listing description is important, but nothing is more critical than your

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How to Make Money on Airbnb in 2023 – 11 Steps

If you are looking at this article, chances are you haven’t started your Airbnb hosting journey just yet! You may be wondering how to make money on Airbnb. You’ve come to the right place.

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