How To Sell Items in Your Airbnb With BnSellit

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If you’re a host looking for another stream of income, we recommend checking out BnSellit.

BnSellit is an app catered towards AirBnb, Vrbo, and other short term rental hosts looking to give their guests a next level experience while also generating extra income. With BnSellit, you can rent or sell almost anything to your guests during their stay. Renting out useful items such as bikes, kayaks, golf clubs, or seasonal equipment is a great way to create new adventures for your guests, especially if your property is located in a big city or a cottage on the lake.

Travelers often forget to pack their important items while preparing for a trip, including toiletries, bathing suits, phone chargers, snacks, and sunglasses. By listing items like these in your property’s “marketplace” on the BnSellit app, you can profit while providing convenience to your guests. Souvenirs are great for getting your guests’ attention and earning additional income as most travelers love to collect keepsakes on their new journeys. If you’re an artist, you can list some of your paintings, pottery, or handmade goods to be sold. One of your guests may fall in love with some of your pieces and may love to have it for themselves.

We tested the BnSellit app and it is simple and easy to use. After a quick and seamless sign-up, each host is provided with their own starter kit that includes several items that are necessary for setting up a successful in-home marketplace. Guests will be able to scan your special QR code and access your Host ID number in order to download the BnBuyit app, view your inventory and buy or rent one of the many items you’ve listed. 

By visiting you can learn more about the app, its features, and other ways you can benefit from becoming a successful BnSellit Host. 

About the Author Kevin Kelsey

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