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Airbnb Photographer – The Key to a Full Calendar

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Your Airbnb photos are the first thing a prospective guest sees when looking through the Airbnb search results. Sure, your Airbnb listing description is important, but nothing is more critical than your listing photos. If those photos don’t stand out, the prospective guest will scroll right past your listing! If a guest doesn’t click on your listing, they for sure won’t book it! How could they? Don’t underestimate the impact that an experienced Airbnb photographer can have on your bookings.

Ask yourself, “would I stay in an Airbnb with bad photos?” Guests, like most people, have terrible imaginations. It’s our job as hosts to show them the experience they can have when they book our listing. The best way to do that is with amazing photos that showcase your best amenities such as a view, hot tub, entertainment center. The best way to get amazing Airbnb photos? An Airbnb photographer, someone who knows how to take real estate photos, and create a welcoming image.

Work of a Bad Airbnb Photographer

The above photos are just a few examples of bad Airbnb photography. All of the photos are taken vertically. They don’t really make the space look big at all, and some don’t even showcase much of anything. Some features are highlighted such as a microwave and television, but the photos fail to make these amenities look current. All of the photos are very dark, which doesn’t help to give the listing a welcoming feeling.

Amazing Examples

This listing has amazing Airbnb photography. All of the photos have great lighting and make the listing appear spacious and bright. All the photos give the potential guest a sense of the experience they could have if they stayed at the listing.

Finding your Airbnb photographer

It can be very difficult tracking down and comparing bids from multiple local photographers. Fortunately, you can use Thumbtack to receive multiple bids from local Airbnb photographers. We have had lots of success in selecting an amazing vacation rental photographer using Thumbtack.

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