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Rachel Jones is an award-winning writer and editor from Oklahoma City, OK. Her work has been published on influential sites, including Entrepreneur and International Business Times. She spent several years in property management and leasing, handling short-term rentals, student housing, and community rentals. Rachel is also experienced in staging and real estate photography. With a B.A. in English in her back pocket, Rachel combines her passion for property management with her storytelling ability to offer Airbnb hosts helpful advice as they monetize their homes.

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Preventing Smoking and Noise Issues at Your Airbnb: A Guide

Even though the rise in short-term rentals has truly changed the way that people travel, don’t be mistaken – this does not mean that the short-term rental market has not seen its fair share of

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Top 100 List of Must-Have Airbnb Products Under $25

Looking to keep your Airbnb stocked with the essentials? We have a long list of ideas from actual Airbnb hosts to get you started. Even better, every item on this list is $25 or under! So let’s get

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Laying Down the Ground Rules for Extended Stays

Whether you rent out your house as an Airbnb for a few months or a few weekends a year, setting ground rules is very important. Ground rules boost the efficiency of your business and give your guests

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Airbnb Renovation Stories We Love

When all of the hotels in San Francisco were sold out due to a conference, Joe and Brian rented out their living room with nothing other than a few air mattresses. This bed and breakfast created out of,

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The Most Durable Airbnb Dinnerware

Many memories are shared around a dinner table, and vacationing at an Airbnb location is no different. But let’s not forget that meals can get messy, dishes will get broken, and dinnerware will

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10 Things the Top-Rated Airbnb Stays Have in Common

When Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia blew up an air mattress in their living room and turned their property into the first Airbnb, they had no idea they were starting a phenomenon. Things have changed since

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9 Things to Invest in for a Luxe Airbnb

You love your Airbnb, and your guests love it even more. But let’s kick things up a notch with nine things to invest in for a luxe Airbnb. 1. Fire Pit Table  A portable outdoor propane fireplace

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Top Hand Soaps for Your Airbnb

Many people have a favorite soap for their home. Some prefer a bar of soap, while others prefer foam or liquid. And then comes the scent options, or possibly no scent at all! So, as a host, what are the

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Natural Disasters: Emergency Supplies to Store for Airbnb Extended Stay Guests 

Have you ever hosted guests in your Airbnb during a natural disaster? It can get pretty chaotic for you and your guests in times of emergency. Your investment and the safety of your guests are at stake.  As

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