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8 Long-term Bug Protection Products for Airbnb

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Bugs can be nasty surprises for Airbnb guests and hosts as well. As a host, you want to offer an environment that makes guests feel comfortable. An Airbnb is supposed to be a home away from home. Long-term bug protection and a bug-free zone can mean good reviews and, eventually, new customers.

As an Airbnb host, it’s important to note a few things. While you might keep your apartment free of bugs, there is no guarantee that the next guests coming in will not bring along those little uninvited guests. This is why it’s essential to not only keep your apartment bug-free but also protect it from future bug invasions. 

8 Best Products for Bug Protection

If you are renting your apartment out for the first time and aren’t sure if you have a bug problem, here are some of the tell-tale clues.

  • Do you see reddish-brown spots under your bed, mattress, cushions, or on tablecloths?
  • Does your apartment have a sweet but sickening smell?
  • Have you noticed bites on your arms and legs similar to mosquito bites?

If any of these signs ring a bell, then your apartment may be hosting some uninvited tenants.

1. Vet’s Best

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If you need a product that will not only kill bugs but also prevents them from infesting your home for a long time, then Vet Best is the option for you. It is a certified product, which means that while it kills bugs, it has low side effects, and it isn’t dangerous to inhale in small quantities.

This product is best for Airbnb because it not only fights bugs but will mean long-term bug prevention, stopping guests from introducing bugs into your apartment for as long as seven months.

Although the name may suggest that it’s meant for animals, it works best indoors because it uses 100% natural ingredients making it less toxic. Apply it to furniture and carpets to help find and eradicate the little bugs that have been pestering you!

2. Petarmor

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This is another bug control product that not only helps eliminate bugs but prevents them from surviving in your home for a couple of months. If you wish to prevent an outbreak of bugs, then this is a good go-to product. This aerosol helps fight bugs for as long as seven months and can be sprayed on the carpet and the furniture.

This product is perfect for guests because it does not leave any chemical smell behind but even helps to remove the smell of pets in your house. Consider a deep cleaning before applying this product to your home.

3. Harris

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If “size is everything,” then Harris rocks! It comes in a one-gallon container and is designed specifically to kill bed bugs. Although it acts very fast and will kill even the most stubborn house infestation, it lasts just about one month.

You may spray it directly on your curtains, cushions, or bed sheets if necessary without staining. While applying it to these items has no known risks, it should be minimized.

4. Raid

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This product is very strong and the most common form of bug spray.  It foams and cannot be sprayed directly on curtains, sheets, and cushions. Its bug prevention power lasts about eight weeks after the initial day of application. The applicator is perfect for spot treatment and accessing hard-to-reach places.

Depending on where you’re seeing them, this aggressive bug product works both inside and outside your home — and it smells nice too!

5.  Adams Flea & Tick Home Spray

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This is one of the most fast-acting bed bug killers out there. It kills bugs in about 5 minutes. If you have noticed an infestation of bugs in your home and have guests arriving soon, this can be your go-to product.  

This bug-killing and protection spray has a fresh smell and will eliminate ticks,  fleas, and ants. Hartz prevents the infestation of bugs for up to seven months after you have sprayed it in your home. Be aware that it’s not a pet-safe product.

6.  Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Home Spray

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This is not only a bug-killing and protection spray. It has a fresh smell, can eliminate odors and kills ticks, fleas and ants. Hartz prevents the infestation of bugs seven months after you have sprayed it in your home. Be aware that it’s not safe to use on pets.

7.  JT Eaton Bug Protection

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This is a water-based spray that works wonders in eliminating everything from mosquitoes to ticks and bed bugs. You can spray it in places where you’ve seen signs of infestation and it will kill the bugs immediately.

It also eradicates lice, mites, and ticks and prevents re-infestation of bugs for as long as two weeks. It works very fast but is not very good as a long-term prevention measure.

8. Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Killer

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This product is best suited for more significant bed bug infestations that may be preventing you from welcoming guests. Spray this product in your home and lock all the doors and windows. You will have to leave the home for several hours as this product is very potent and should not be inhaled. This bug protection lasts two weeks after you’ve applied it.

Choosing Your Long-term Bug Protection

House bugs may make you feel like the home is dirty. While this may not be the case, it can be embarrassing if guests find your listing infested with bugs.

These products are not only good for bug protection in your apartment but may prevent future infestations from visiting guests at your home long-term. Renting out a bug-free apartment is a great way to get great reviews.

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