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Safest Space Heater Choices For Airbnbs

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Safety is the most crucial consideration to make when buying a space heater for your Airbnb. If you ignore the safety features of the space heater, you could end up dealing with fires or shorted circuits that can hurt your guests and damage property.

That’s why any space heater you buy should come with features that guarantee maximum protection for you and your guests. Some of these features include automatic thermostats that can stop the heater if it gets too hot, automatic turn-off sensors, and grills that cover the heating coils to prevent them from setting your guests’ belongings on fire (that would not be good).

The certified heaters listed in this article were all picked with safety, efficiency, and the area that they’ll be heating in mind.

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

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Even though the name says oil-filled radiator space heater, this heater won’t need to be refilled at all; the oil system is permanently sealed off. It’s completely maintenance-free, and you won’t need to do much more than turn it on and off. It’s also more than capable of heating a single room and has thermal cut-off features installed to keep from overheating. DeLonghi’s space heater comes in a rounded design with four wheels, making it easy to wheel around.

The space heater comes with an adjustable thermostat, which allows you and your guests to access its multiple heat settings. It heats up quickly and works very quietly, which means it won’t disturb your guests while they’re sleeping or doing their daily activities around the room.

Another benefit to this heater is its energy efficiency, saving you money on electricity costs even if your heater’s been running all day at the highest setting.

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

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The Dr. Infrared Portable Space heater is listed in Amazon’s Choice and is very good at its job. It can quickly warm up a large room and comes with tip-over and overheating protection features. This helps preserve the safety and comfort of you and your guests, especially if they have any pets or children. It’s also really safe to touch as it doesn’t have any hot parts exposed.

The noise level is quiet at 39 decibels, and it has a 12-hour automatic shut-off timer. The space heater is on wheels, making it easy to move around the room. You won’t have a space problem either as it’s small and can easily fit in the corner of the room.

Oscillating Space Heater

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This lightweight oscillating space heater has been certified by ETL, one of the largest manufacturers of heaters in the world. It’s equipped with all the safety features that any heater needs: tip-over protection, overheating protection, and a protective surface. These all seal the deal if you’re looking for safety.

As for efficiency, it has an energy-saving eco-mode feature that can change its heat output. This allows you to lower your electricity costs with the touch of a button. There’s also an 8-hour shut-off timer so you can schedule how long you want it to stay active.

Another really cool feature of this heater is its ability to move from side to side. This helps to spread heat in the broader area and is pretty useful if your Airbnb is hosting a family instead of a single person.

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

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This heater is perfect for a single guest room because it doesn’t take up much space and can fit on a small table. It’s very durable and safe as the outside is made from fireproof material, and it comes with tip-over and overheating protection too. The safety features are as safe as they can get.

Since it was made to heat small areas, it doesn’t use much energy and is really quiet. This makes it perfect for any room on any surface. Its small size also allows your guests to move it very quickly and easily anywhere they want. GiveBest even has a small handle at the top for easy carrying.

TRUSTECH Space Heater

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The TRUSTECH Space Heater is very effective in quickly creating a warm, comfortable environment for your guests. It also keeps them safe from hazards. TRUSTECH’s safety features more than meet ETL standards.

It has a protective grill, overheating, and tip-over protection, and has three heating modes: High heat mode, Low heat mode, and Natural Wind mode. These create stable temperature environments in just a few seconds. It’s also really quiet and small, which allows it to be carried and put into any room. You also get full lifetime customer support when you buy it.

Choosing the Right Heater

These heaters are sure to provide your guests with all the protection they’ll need from the cold and help keep them happy during their stay at your Airbnb. The tested and certified safety measures in their design make them safe and reduce the likelihood of any accidents, even if your guests have pets or children. Be sure to choose your heater with the room size and number of guests in mind so it will suit their needs perfectly.

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