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Airbnb Shopping List – Bathroom Essentials

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Forgetting to stock your rental with bathroom essentials can cause major problems with guests. Use this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay.

Soap Dispenser

Some hosts start out using disposable soap dispensers, which isn’t a bad idea. The downside to this, however, is that many of them are transparent, and your cleaning service may not always use the same colored refill soap. This affordable soap dispenser is a nice replacement for disposable soap, and comes in many colors to match the theme of your vacation rental.

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High Quality Towels

This complete towel set comes in the two most versatile colors – beige and gray. Remember, avoid white towels and linens! These towels are soft and easy to clean. Plus, they are definitely a bathroom essential!

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Shower Head

An easy way to increase the quality of your guest’s experience is to replace the old shower head. Look for one that is easy to install and comes in the right color to match your bathroom fixtures. This option comes in several finishes and has been great for guest reviews.

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Hair Dryer

Guests are always grateful to find a hair dryer provided in their vacation rental. It is also a requirement to be listed in Airbnb’s “work collection” group of properties. You’ll help your search rankings and appeal to more guests if you include this bathroom essential.

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It seems like the most obvious of bathroom essentials, but you may be surprised how many first-time Airbnb hosts forget to stock their bathrooms with a plunger. We recommend something discrete, that comes in a covered caddy.

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Toilet Brush

Another bathroom essential many owners forget about is the toilet brush. This is especially important, because many cleaning services do not bring their own toilet brushes. You should always check with your cleaning service, but it’s a good item to have in your rental, just in case.

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What other items do you consider essential for your vacation rental bathrooms? Share in the comments!

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