9 Things to Invest in for a Luxe Airbnb

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You love your Airbnb, and your guests love it even more. But let’s kick things up a notch with nine things to invest in for a luxe Airbnb.

1. Fire Pit Table 

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A portable outdoor propane fireplace can offer your guests a safe and easy way to enjoy your outdoor spaces. The fireplace linked is from Hiland and features a table-top edge and quick-access controls. Your guests will love how easy it is to make memories around the campfire during their stay.

2. Hammock

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Restful days, daydreaming in the fresh air, make your guest’s stay the best kind of getaway. This hammock is from the company Y-STOP. It is a large and comfortable hammock, large enough for your taller guests. It is also considered a double hammock, so it is wide and can safely support up to 240 pounds. 

Hammocks are a great addition to a luxe Airbnb because they provide a space for guests to relax outside comfortably. The Y-STOP hammock comes with everything you need to set it up, including support chains and pillows for comfort.

3. Small Combination Safe

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A common concern among vacationers is security. It is important to provide your guests with peace of mind. A small combination safe can give your guests just that. This Stalwart Electronic Digital Steel Safe Box provides everything your guests could need. It features an LED keypad and can be easily programmed with “guest codes.”

While every guest may not make use of your combination safe, they will know that their security is important to you and will be happy to have the option available. The Stalwart Electronic Digital Steel Safe Box comes in two different colors and can be digital or biometric. Play it safe, and get a small safe for your luxe Airbnb.

4. Fleece Bathrobe

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You may think of a plush bathrobe when you think of luxury hotels. If you aim for a luxury Airbnb, a fleece bathrobe is a great way to impress your guests. This link features a plush, fleece bathrobe from NY Threads that provides comfort and quality at a reasonable price. 

Choose from seven different available colors to match your aesthetic. These robes are machine washable, so you can easily keep them fresh and clean for your guests. The fleece bathrobes also feature pockets and an adjustable belt for comfort and utility. And did we mention they are so soft?

5. Primo Bottom-Loading 2 Temp Water Dispenser

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Having Fresh Water available for your guests is a must. Tap water varies depending upon location and may not match guest expectations and taste preferences. Many hosts provide individual bottles of water. While this is a nice touch, a water dispenser with spring water can provide a better solution in a more consistent and sustainable way. 

The Primo Bottom-Loading, Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is more cost-effective and easily maintained without all the waste. Hot and Cold options provide your guests with access to cold refreshment or hot drinks in an instant. Providing your guests with clean water from a Primo water dispenser can set their minds at ease so they can truly enjoy your Airbnb.

6. Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

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In the United States, approximately 50% percent of the adult population drinks coffee daily. Because of this, a basic coffee maker and cups or mugs may be standard at Airbnb rentals. However, you do not want to have just a standard Airbnb; you are looking to create a luxe and memorable experience for your guests.  

Consider an electric coffee grinder to take your Airbnb to the next level. Fresh ground coffee always tastes better, doesn’t it? An electric coffee grinder also allows you to show off your favorite (and hopefully local!) blend of coffee to your guests. The link above is for a Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder, a high-quality electric coffee grinder. The smell and taste of fresh ground coffee will make your guests remember their experience for a long time.

7. Colorful Patio Chairs

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Often, when people are on vacation, they travel to somewhere with more desirable weather or for a change of scenery. For this reason, colorful outdoor patio chairs can make a big difference. Your guests will want to enjoy your Airbnb’s weather and beautiful surroundings.

Do not cut corners when it comes to outdoor seating! Guests are more likely to enjoy (and use) your outdoor furniture if it looks bright and comfortable. The link above features colorful wicker furniture at an affordable price from the brand OC- Orange Casual. Your guests will thank you!

8. Heatwave Radiant Infrared Sauna

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Turn your Airbnb into a spa with the Infrared 2-Person HEATWAVE Radiant Sauna. Your guests will love the true luxury you offer with this amenity! Easy to install, operate, and maintain, this infrared sauna can be a great investment for hosts and is sure to leave your guests feeling pampered.

Adding a sauna to your listing can turn your place into much more than your average rental!

9. End Table with USB Port

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As you well know, most people use their smartphones for almost everything. In all likelihood, your Airbnb is probably reserved via smartphone most of the time. That is why your guests must have access to charge their phones.

Linked above is an end table with a USB port from Atlantic Furniture. This end table has a built-in USB port to allow your guests easy charging. The table comes in espresso and white and can be matched with just about any décor. Your guests will be pleased and surprised at how easily they can charge their phones and other devices. They may even have their phone plugged into your end table while writing your five-star review!

Final Thoughts

Simple investments can make all the difference when making your Airbnb luxe. Your guests will appreciate these finishing touches that show how much you care about their experience.

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