Our Favorite Finds for a Rustic Airbnb Stay

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So, you have an Airbnb property away from the noise and bustle of the city, and you know that your lodging would be the ideal place for your guests to recharge their batteries. To gain more visitors, you may market your Airbnb as “rustic” to enhance relaxation. When people hear the word rustic, they imagine a simpler style that reflects a simpler way of life. 

To add charm to your property, you may want to choose suitable pieces to add to the atmosphere of a rustic getaway. Here, you will find some ideas that will add a touch of rustic character to your lodging. The pieces here range from tables to lights, but this is just a small sample of what you can find on Amazon. 

INK + IVY Oliver Dining Table

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This lovely dining table seats four, but there is an extension that will allow six to eat in comfort. It is reasonably priced and buyers have given this piece excellent reviews and highlight that it is sturdy and easy to assemble.

Its neutral grey color will fit in with most decors. Please note that the price does not include chairs. 

Rolanstar Tree Bookshelf

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This interesting piece would look good in a living room corner or bedroom. Although marketed as a bookshelf, it is a storage rack that you or your guests can use for everything. Its wood grain makes it look very rustic. Rolanstar has various models to fit any location.

You could place a couple of local guidebooks on the shelf for guests to use as they explore the local area.

Madison Park Signature King Bed

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You shouldn’t forget the bedroom if you want to make your Airbnb attractive to those seeking a romantic getaway. This beautiful, old-style bed with a headboard fits the bill perfectly. You can assemble this bed on your own or purchase with expert assembly for an additional fee. 

Leigh Country Aspen Single Rocker

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What could be more rustic than a rocking chair? This varnished pine piece is a fine example of American craftsmanship. The manufacturer, Leigh Country, has built a reputation for quality over the years and offers a range of similar items. They suggest that this chair is for a patio, but we think it would look great indoors. Some assembly is required.

Abbey Floral Traditional Persian Rug

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A fine rug adds a touch of color and warmth to any room. This Persian-style rug would look great in your living area or bedroom. This rectangular rug measures 8’ x 10’, but you can get it in other sizes. It is hand-made using New Zealand wool, adding a cozy feel to any rustic environment.

Eliteart Vintage World Map

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Your wall art makes an important contribution to the general atmosphere of your room. This framed print on cotton canvas adds a point of interest and will blend right in. It measures 39” x 28”, so it is quite a large piece. 

Traditional Board Games

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Why not have a selection of traditional popular board games and give your guests the chance to spend some time having fun together? Games offer something fun and engaging rather than watching TV and are perfect for a rainy evening. Many people have forgotten the simple pleasures of sitting around a table playing a game together.

Yucanucax Decorative Lantern

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Candlelight always sheds a warm, romantic glow. But you might be wary of using candles in your lodging, especially if there are young children around. These lanterns make a good substitute. At 4” x 9”, the lantern is a handy size, and you can place them anywhere. The light looks like candlelight but is a battery-powered LED.

You might like to use one as a centerpiece for the dining table, or you could hang the lantern on a patio. The lantern has a timer which might be useful if your guests are out for the evening but want to give the impression that someone is home. 

You might like to have a couple of these around in case of power outages. Please note that the lanterns function on AAA batteries, so make sure you have some around.

Esschert Design Slate Sundial

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Adults and kids alike love sundials. This piece will provide a talking point and be a fun science lesson if you have garden space. American-made from European slate, this attractive sundial can add to your Airbnb’s rustic charm. 

Ottoman Tray With Coasters

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What are vacations for if you can’t spoil yourself? This quality fir wood tray measures 17” x 13” and would be perfect for breakfast in bed or carrying a bottle of wine out to the patio. This sturdy tray comes with coasters and adds a touch of rustic warmth and elegance to your area. 

Final Thoughts

These are just a few ideas to give your space a rustic feel, as there are hundreds more on Amazon. View photographs of rustic interiors on the internet or other Airbnb listings to see what other hosts are up to. Of course, what you finally decide to get will depend on many factors, such as your current decorations, the room size, your personal taste, and your budget.

Please make sure that your insurance covers the value of all extra items that you purchase for your rustic Airbnb property.

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