8 Supplies You Need for a Beachfront Airbnb

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As an Airbnb host, you need to find ways to make your rental stand out. Guests scrutinize beachfront Airbnbs more than other rentals because beach stays are more leisurely and filled with memory-making opportunities.

Vacationers have particular qualities they look for in a beach rental; the supplies and amenities you provide make a huge difference in your guest’s stay. Below are eight supplies you need for a beachfront Airbnb to ensure your guests have a great time at your rental.

1. Beach-Themed Furnishings

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As guests look for beachfront Airbnbs to rent for their vacation, the first thing that draws them to your listing is the decor. Most people will go for a place with beach-themed furnishings such as flowy curtains, floor mats, throw pillows, towels, bedsheets, and lounge blankets. Remember to mix and match your furnishings with the walls and floors to achieve a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.

Choose bright, colorful amenities and ornaments to create a beach-like experience for your guests. For example, this sea-themed wall decor gives your guests seaside vibes and calmness, reminding them of the peaceful nature of a beach vacation. Coastal themes are primarily blue, green, beige, or white to create a calm and relaxing effect.

2. Natural Fiber Floor Mats

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The beach is hot, humid, and sandy. Your guests will appreciate a beautiful and well-woven rug or floor mat made from natural fiber. Natural fibers such as sisal, seagrass, and wool are eco-friendly and don’t cause allergies for sensitive people. Other benefits of natural fiber mats are the ease to wash, trap sand and outdoor dirt, and excellent absorbency.

Natural fiber rugs come in classic and vintage designs, colors, and shapes. You can shop different designs for different parts of your beachfront home to make the place more eye-catching. From heart-shaped rugs to woolen mats with beachy writings to motivate your visitors, mat ideas are endless. Check out this nuLOOM handwoven mat that has durability, versatility, and style.

3. Picnic Basket

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Most guests bring their sunscreen, shades, beach towels, and sandals. However, packing larger supplies such as picnic baskets and picnic blankets can be challenging. If you want to create a relationship with your Airbnb guests and make them repeat clients, go out of your way to supply a stylish picnic basket. It should be of high quality and well insulated to keep snacks and drinks safe and intact during a hot day at the beach.

Look at this STBoo Wicker picnic basket; it has an insulated cooler compartment to keep drinks and food cool in the hot beach weather. It also comes with a portable and foldable picnic table, the perfect combination for an outdoor lunch at the beach.

4. Foldable Outdoor Chairs

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Your guests will probably want to spend a relaxed evening outdoors gazing at the sunset while winding down the day with stories. You may provide outdoor lounges if you have the budget to afford them. If you want to give the best outdoor experience to your guests on a limited budget, you can find affordable and foldable lounge chairs that will serve the same purpose.

Beach chairs should be lightweight for portability and provide multiple reclining positions to match an individual’s comfort and preference. A foldable lounge chair like this one from RIO Beach is affordable, portable, and has versatile reclining options.

5. Shade Umbrella

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A shade umbrella is an essential supply that your house guests will appreciate. The sun’s rays are harsh on the skin, and sunscreen and balms aren’t always enough, especially for a prolonged stay on sunny beaches. Choose a durable, portable, and adjustable beach umbrella to protect your guests from harsh UV rays.

A high-quality shade umbrella should have a strong canopy to withstand the occasional winds and a solid connector to hold on firmly to an anchored surface. This Versa Brella adjustable umbrella is inexpensive, lightweight, and can connect to most surfaces.

6. Tiki Torches

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The night sky is a sight to behold, and no place is better than outside the beach house relaxing on an outdoor lounge. In the evening, outdoor spaces can be dark and full of bugs. Tiki torches light up your patio or any other outdoor relaxation area. They also keep nagging insects away for a peaceful and calm night under the stars.

Add stunning patio torches to your outside layout to provide a charming ambiance. You can find various tiki torches at an affordable price, like this solar-powered flickering flame torch from TomCare.

7. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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It’s a no-brainer that beach houses get easily soiled due to sand carried in by guests and the occasional winds. A guest may need to lightly clean up the living room or the bedroom after a long day on the beach. A handheld vacuum cleaner is convenient, light, and easy to operate.

Due to its compact design, a handheld vacuum cleaner can get to hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling fans, window frames, and couch cushions. This handheld Black + Decker dustbuster can be used on multiple surfaces and has an ergonomic design for easy handling. Moreover, it has a translucent dirt bowl with an easy view for quick dirt disposal.

8. Hairdryer

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While a hairdryer is not the first item that guests check for when hunting for an Airbnb, it is an important addition to your beachfront house amenities. After a long day at the beach accumulating sand in their hair, a hair dryer can help your guests remove the sand easily.

Invest in a good hair dryer that is easy to mount on the wall (for security and convenience), light in weight, and suitable for all hair types. This Conair wall mount hairdryer is compact, lightweight, and versatile for a flawless hairstyling experience.

Bottom Line

A beachfront Airbnb ought to give the vacationer a memorable beach experience for them to rate you as a super host. We hope you consider adding the above essential supplies for a beachfront Airbnb to make your guests comfortable and earn you a reputation as a super host.

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