Inexpensive Wall Art for Your Airbnb that Looks Luxe

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When you are preparing your Airbnb, there are obvious standards that you must meet. Your space should be comfortable, clean, and welcoming. For many, wall art is an afterthought, with a couple of paintings stuck on the wall without much planning. However, tasteful wall art can add a lot to the atmosphere of your space, and it need not cost a lot of money.

We will give some tips on what to look for when choosing your wall art and suggest some pieces that you can find on Amazon. These inexpensive wall art selections for your Airbnb will add a touch of luxury to your space.

Tips for Choosing Your Wall Art

The art you choose should reflect your space and local environment. A rustic cabin will call for different artwork than a modern penthouse. Your wall art should:

Suit Your Space

Your wall art should be complementary to your space. Your lodging is a living space, not an art gallery. Whatever pieces you choose should not be so bold that they completely dominate the space. Think about wall space and whether a large piece or a smaller one would fit the experience you’re trying to create. 

Position your wall art so that it is not too high but not too low. Slightly above eye level is usually best. If you display a set of prints together, you can vary the height to create a gallery wall. Don’t forget to hang wall art in the small spaces in your Airbnb, such as your bathrooms or laundry room.

Avoid Controversy

Your wall art might not be to everyone’s taste. However, you should not confuse taste with sensibility. You don’t want to offend a guest with artwork, so we suggest you avoid nude art, political caricatures, and religious pieces to appeal to the widest range of guests.

Reflect Local Culture

You might want to choose wall art that reflects your locality. Photos of the New York skyline are fine in Manhattan but might look out of place in Nebraska. Photographs or paintings of local subjects are a great alternative and can be easily found in your area. Reach out to local artists to showcase their art in your Airbnb, then allow guests the option to purchase the wall art.

Color and Theme

Stick with a theme or color scheme throughout your Airbnb. You want your guests to feel a cohesive flow throughout the rental property. Loud prints or alternating colors can be distracting and overwhelming. 

Ask for Help

If you are not confident about choosing the right art, you can ask a friend or family member for advice. Take them shopping with you or view other Airbnb rentals online to get a sense of the art other hosts are using. 

Be Economical

Being economical refers to space and expense. Don’t overcrowd your walls, as it’s better to have two or three good pieces than twenty different ones. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve a sense of luxury. 

Wall Art to Consider

Nowadays, you don’t have to rely on finding suitable wall art pieces at a garage sale or trudging around galleries searching for a bargain. Amazon has a wide range of art available. Here are some of our favorite pieces. 

Landscape of a Lake with Birds Flying Overhead

No products found.

This piece provides three images that you can mount together or separately. With ready to hang frames, these images provide an easy way to add a sense of tranquility to your Airbnb. There are different sized options for you to choose from, with the ability to send them back if you don’t like the images once you see them in your space.

Forest Bathed in Sunlight

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This is another set that comes in three panels. Each piece in this set measures 12″ x 16″ and would look great anywhere in your lodging surrounded by the mountains. You can hang each image together or separately, and the images come with the hardware you need to hang them on your walls.

Abstract Wall Art with Bold Colors

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If your Airbnb is in a bustling city, we suggest a more abstract wall art piece. Hung as a group or spaced out around your Airbnb, these colorful canvases provide a positive sense of energy. Measured at 12″ x 12″, these panels are small enough to hang anywhere in your rental. 

Autumn Farm Fields Country Road Sunset

No products found.

If you prefer a framed image instead of a canvas panel, this wall art piece showcases the grandeur of farm country. The image measures 20″ x 14″ with the frame; this image is a statement piece.

Watercolor Flowers Paintings

No products found.

Combine the frame and the canvas print, and your wall will be exuding luxury. The dominant colors in this three-piece set are yellow and orange with pops of green. Each print measures 12″ x 16″, giving off a retro vibe that is extremely popular in home decor right now.

Abstract Mountain Decor

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These mountain prints echo a more traditional style of art with current and trendy colors that would suit a rustic space. Each of the four prints comes framed, measuring 8″ x10″. You can even choose an unframed print or frame color options of black or beige.

Subtle Mountains and Valleys

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Add a touch of impressionism with this tasteful landscape portrait. The print measures 16″ x 24″ or 24″ x 36″ and comes with a hanging kit. This particular wall art has 40+ images to choose from, making it a great option to add to your Airbnb location. 

Final Thoughts

The art you display on your Airbnb walls can add a tremendous amount to the atmosphere of your rental property. Each of the suggested wall art options is less than $100, making them inexpensive and attainable on any budget.

If you receive feedback about your wall art in your Airbnb, feel free to share where you got the art and where they can purchase the same or something similar. Now that is a great souvenir from a vacation!

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