Airbnb house rules - Samples and Advice

Airbnb House Rules – Samples and Advice

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It’s important for you to protect your short-term rental. One of the ways you can do that is through your Airbnb house rules. Having clear and comprehensive house rules will protect you in the event of any guest dispute. It will also prevent you from living through an Airbnb hosting horror story.

What To Include

Your Airbnb house rules should be comprehensive. Think of all of the spaces in your home and what you want protected in each area. You will have special considerations if your home has a pool, spa, fire pit, sauna, BBQ, or other non-standard feature.

Standard Rules

Most Airbnb house rules should cover a few basic concerns:

  • Check-in/check-out time- You should also include the penalty/fee for checking out late.
  • Trash policy- Do your guests have to remove their own trash? What is the fee for leaving trash behind?
  • Dishes- Are your guests expected to load and run the dishwasher? Should they have all of the dishes washed and put away before the cleaners arrive? Is there a fee for leaving dirty dishes behind?
  • Pets- Are pets allowed? Is there an extra fee?
  • Occupancy- How many guests are allowed to stay? Is there a fee for extra guests?
  • Check-out instructions- Are there rules regarding your lock box/smart lock ? Are there specific instructions for returning keys and locking up when they depart?
  • Restrictions- Are there any parts of the house that are off-limits? Are parties and gatherings prohibited? Do you allow smoking on your property? If so, where? If not, is there a penalty? Are there noise regulations in your community? How will violations be addressed?

Safety Rules

Depending on the amenities you provide, you’ll want to include things like :

  • Pool- Place rules about diving, running, and child supervision in your house rules and clearly posted near the pool.
  • Spa or Sauna- State rules about minimum age for use restrictions for people with medical conditions. A disclaimer of host exemption from liability near the amenity may be required by your insurance.
  • Grill- Add instructions for turning on/off your grill, for turning propane on and off, and how to clean and cover the grill after use.
  • Fireplaces- Include instructions for use and your policy regarding cleaning up the ash.

Sample Airbnb House Rules

Here is some sample language pulled from a popular listing:

Check-out time is 11 AM. The cleaning service often has a short time between guests to get the home ready for the next guest, so there will be a $50 fee for anyone who has not checked-out by that time. This home accommodates 4 guests with a maximum occupancy of 6. There is a $50 fee per day, per extra person after 4. A $25 charge will be added for lost or stolen keys. Please gather trash and place it in the bins provided outside before check-out. 

You can also download our free house rules template here.

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