Best Airbnb Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Airbnb in 2023

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In most cases, your guests are traveling in groups. They’ve decided to stay in an Airbnb because it offers a close and intimate setting to socialize and spend time together. They’ll appreciate the ability to have music in the background while lounging around in your listing. When hosts have trouble figuring out their Airbnb value star rating, we usually recommend they purchase the best Airbnb Bluetooth speaker.

TLDR: Our pick for the best Airbnb bluetooth speaker in 2023 is the Sonos One SL.

How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Speaker For Your Airbnb

Like all smart home devices for Airbnb, when selecting an Airbnb Bluetooth speaker, it’s important to consider ease of use. You want a speaker that is easy to pair with many devices so guests don’t have to figure it out on their own or resort to reading a manual. When on vacation, guests are even less likely to spend time figuring out a new device.

Be Careful Of Noise

We usually provide indoor speakers for our listings because we’ve found that outdoor speakers can lead to too many noise complaints. Especially if guests are having an unauthorized party! When providing an indoor speaker, we try to pick one that has a setting for limiting volume or consider one that doesn’t get too loud.

Compatibility With Other Devices

We aim to pick the best Airbnb Bluetooth speaker that has compatibility with our other smart home devices. It’s really nice having the ability to stream audio from our smart TV or ask Alexa to play a certain song or radio station.

Ability To Be Mounted

We highly suggest picking an Airbnb Bluetooth speaker that can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. If you don’t do this, guests will move them around, use them outside, and even break or take them. You don’t want to end up claiming a guest’s security deposit. Then you’ll have to deal with guest complaints or even have to remove their Airbnb review.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker for Airbnb in 2023

After tons of research and testing, we have come to the conclusion that there is a clear winner for the best Airbnb Bluetooth speaker in 2023.

Sonos One SL Wireless Smart Speaker

The Sonos One SL is an amazingly versatile speaker. It operates over Wi-Fi, so technically it’s not a Bluetooth speaker. This is actually an advantage because the guest doesn’t need to pair to the device. All the guest has to do is download the Sonos app on their smartphone and connect to your listing’s Wi-Fi!

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Features of the Sonos One SL Bluetooth Speaker

  • Extremely easy to setup for hosts and guests alike
  • Easily mounted to the wall
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Volume and controls can be limited
  • Tons of apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Audible, and more

It’s the clear winner for the best Airbnb Bluetooth speaker. You can put them throughout your listing so they all play the same music throughout the house!

Runner-up For Best Airbnb Bluetooth Speaker

Runner-up for best Airbnb Bluetooth speaker is the Harman Kardon because of its superior sound quality. Guests can also connect up to 2 smart devices at the same time and access Siri or Google from the speaker.

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If you decide on the Sonos One instead, we recommend setting up Alexa. You can use Alexa to control your smart locks, smart thermostat, and even your smart TV!

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