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Best TV for Airbnb in 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Even if your Airbnb listing is located in a popular city or peaceful mountainside, you cannot forget to add in-home entertainment for your guests. While many guests will leave the house to explore, others will want to stay inside and cozy up to binge-watch the latest Netflix show. Regardless of your Airbnb location, you need the latest entertainment setup to cater to all guests, including the best TV for your Airbnb.

The TV: A Must-Have Cornerstone Lodging Amenity

When you set up an Airbnb listing, we recommend that you start by matching all the amenities a standard hotel room can offer (minus the resort-style pool and daily housekeeping, obviously!). Central to every hotel room is the TV. When you stay in any hotel, you know you can expect a TV and basic cable to be present.

The same idea needs to be present at your Airbnb location. Many listings boast large entertainment systems, which is great but unnecessary for every listing. Be mindful of the type of guests you are looking to host while also offering up-to-date amenities. Offering at least one TV on your property will increase your bookings and guest ratings once they leave.

How to Shop for the Best TV for Your Airbnb

  1. First and foremost, keep your budget in mind. If you purchase one TV, you may wish to spend more, but if you are outfitting your Airbnb with a TV in each room, you may want to buy TVs at a reasonable price. If you’re looking to upgrade your current TVs, the same principle applies.
  2. When it comes to the best TV for your Airbnb, ease of use is king. Even if you have the most technologically advanced TV, it is a terrible purchase if your guests cannot figure out how to turn it on.
  3. Purchase a smart TV with streaming capabilities. Your smart TV must have Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. You can add other streaming channels like HBO and Showtime if you’d like. While you could add a separate streaming device like Apple TV or Google Chromecast to offer streaming channels, every device you add to your Airbnb TV setup adds a level of complexity for guests. Ideally, your TV would offer everything your guests need.
  4. Unless you’re limited on space, there’s an easy formula to calculate the best TV size for your area. According to Tom’s Guide, you can measure the distance between your seating and where you’ll place the TV (in feet) and multiply that by 7.7 to get the optimal TV size (in inches). We know math is not fun for everyone, but thankfully this calculation is simple.

The Best Airbnb TV in 2023

Our pick for the best Airbnb TV in 2023 would be any size and model of a Roku TV. Roku TVs offer streaming capabilities while being extremely user-friendly. Many brands, including TCL, PHILLIPS, and JVC, sell TVs with Roku features.

The Roku TCL Gets Our Vote

This isn’t our typical product review article because there’s no competition as far as we are concerned about the best TV for your Airbnb. Our favorite TV brand supporting Roku is TCL. TCL offers TVs of various sizes to complement any room, and budget, in your Airbnb. 

Feature: Roku App

One of our favorite things about Roku TCL TVs is that guests can control your TV via the Roku app. If guests misplace the remote, they aren’t entirely out of luck. Things get lost frequently in your Airbnb, and the Roku app is an excellent option until you can purchase a replacement remote on Amazon.

Feature: Alexa Connectivity

Guests can control your Roku TCL TV via Alexa. Guests can turn on or off the TV without picking up the remote. Guests can also tell Alexa to turn on Netflix or other streaming channels. This added feature is ideal for guests with disabilities. 

Airbnb TV Pro Tips

Here are a few pro tips to make the most of your Airbnb TV.

Pro Tip: Set Your Roku TV to Guest Mode

Just because you have Roku TVs with the capability to stream media, does not mean that you need to offer logins for the sites. Utilizing Roku Guest Mode, guests can log in to whichever streaming service they like with their own logins. You can set your Roku TVs to guest mode, so the logins aren’t saved after their check-out date. Be sure to check each TV to be sure they are logged out between guests, or ask your cleaning professional or co-host to include that in their service.

Pro Tip: Mount Your TV for a Streamlined Look

Since your TCL TV will significantly reduce the number of additional devices you have for streaming media, you’ll be able to mount your TV to the wall. Purchasing a wall mount is easy with Amazon, and you can even hide your cables to make for a clean look for your entertainment system.

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“But I already have a TV!”

If you already have a nice new-ish TV, you can get away with keeping it. You don’t necessarily need the best Airbnb TV in 2023, but you at least need streaming services. To add streaming services to your TV, you can purchase a Roku Express.

Remember that adding a Roku Express or other streaming device means guests will have to figure out how to switch inputs on the TV to get to the streaming features, whereas with the Roku TCL, everything is nicely integrated and user-friendly. You may wish to include instructions on how to operate the TV and streaming services in your Welcome Book or with a simple card near the remotes. 

Make it a goal to slowly update your TVs with newer models as you gain more bookings. Doing so can improve your guest ratings and rebooking status. 

Grab the Popcorn!

Offering the best Airbnb TV is vital for any listing. As a host, you want your guests to be comfortable and have all the amenities of similar lodging options. Adding a TCL Roku TV to your listing can increase ratings and provide entertainment for guests after a day of adventures. 

So, what are your thoughts on the best TV for your Airbnb? Tell us below!

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