Best Artwork Ideas for Your Airbnb 2023

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You will be amazed at what artwork can do for a room, and indeed your Airbnb. Whether it is a canvas painting or a tangible decoration such as a vase, or a photograph, the right piece can really bring a room together. You might be thinking, there are so many options; what is the right one for your listing? Well, that is why we’re here, to help make this process easier for you to make a lasting impression on your guests. We bring you the best artwork ideas for your Airbnb.

Before we go any further, you’ll need to consider the style of room or living space you want to create. Perhaps you want a contemporary feel with an abstract twist or warehouse/industrial vibes. Or, maybe you just want a simple and humble space that can be enjoyed by anyone. Whatever it may be, we have you covered.

At a Glance – The Best Artwork Ideas for Your Airbnb:

Vintage World Map 3 Piece

What better way to capture the essence of Airbnb than with a world map on canvas? A global home-sharing platform with thousands of check-ins every day, and guests from other cities and countries coming to your home. This canvas really is the perfect wall art for your listing.

Greenco 5-Tier Wall Shelves

Yes, you did read correctly. Although the main idea behind this piece may shelving, it comes with an artistic twist. It looks great in any space and doesn’t take up much room at all. Made from MDF laminate, it is a durable piece that is sure to last in the tough conditions of an Airbnb. It can also provide an interesting space to showcase smaller artistic pieces.

Elegant Flowers 4-Piece

Who doesn’t love a floral display in a living space? Never mind maintaining flowers in a vase on the table, why not display them permanently with a 4-piece continuous canvas on the wall? The color contrasts in this artwork really suit any setting and will add a sense of calmness to the room. With each canvas being custom-made, the artwork you receive will be unique and definitely a talking point with guests!

CoZroom Silver Wall Clock

Gone are the days of the old coo-coo clock. Now we have a funky new way of telling time. And no, it is not with our phones. The CoZroom Wall Clock will be the centerpiece of your Airbnb. With its groovy number display and trendy, unique look, your guests won’t want to tell the time any other way! It also adds a boutique-style hotel feel to your space, which is all the better when hosting an Airbnb!

Wieco Red Wine Cups 4-Piece

There is perhaps no piece of art that makes you want to just sit down and relax like this one. Just looking at it makes you want to forget about everything and enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage. These four pieces can be arranged in a way that suits your space and may be an excellent choice if your Airbnb is situated in a region known for it’s local wines and spirits.

What Does Your Inner Artist Say?

Unlike air conditioning or furniture, it is no secret that individuality is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to art. Different people have different tastes, so it really is up to you, as the host, to choose which type of artwork best suits your listing. Is it a piece that unites us, such as the Vintage World Map 3 Piece, or do you want a boutique, chic vibe with the CoZroom Silver Wall Clock

Whatever choice you make, these best artwork ideas for your Airbnb are a must if you want to make a great impression with guests, and perhaps the one you choose may even be a conversation piece! We hope that the above examples will help you decide on different themes and styles for your Airbnb and the art pieces that can enhance your setting. Enjoy shopping, and happy hosting!

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