6 Creative Sleeping Arrangements for Your Airbnb

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While staying in a rental may have once required you to have your own private bedroom, today, more and more spaces are being opened up for people to live or sleep in a communal setting. And why not? Sleeping on the couch can be much more comfortable than sleeping on a bed, not to mention more affordable.

So, if you’re considering renting out your spare on Airbnb, try looking for alternative sleeping arrangements. It will increase your potential for bookings, and you will likely make more money. Let’s explore creative ideas you can adopt when creating sleeping arrangements at your Airbnb.

1. Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are ideal when hosting multiple people; they also allow a room’s space to be better utilized. Look for sturdy options with railings to avoid guests falling from the top bunk. If you cater to families, bunk beds or multiple bunk beds allow for more guests, and you may have a higher chance of bookings with more beds.

  • Twin Beds will fit in a standard bedroom. If space is limited, bunk beds are ideal. They are also great to add if you hope to host families with kids.

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  • Queen Bunk Beds need more room. In the case of a large room, queen bunk beds can make more comfortable sleeping arrangements for guests, especially adults.

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2. Tents

Having air mattresses out in the backyard in tents is a creative idea for sleeping arrangements. This is a fun option for children and adults. Tents work with consent from parents in the case of children, and security from wild animals and other outdoor dangers is paramount. 

Additionally, you should provide lights and other accessories like a portable lantern for the comfort of your guests. You may also choose to have sleeping bags and other items for guests to take into the tents to ensure a restful sleep. 

  • Dome Tents are common tents on the market. They have a small porch area, but designs have been improved to create more space. Dome tents come in different sizes, but it’s best to stick with a maximum of 4 guests for easy setup and to reduce the cost of purchases.

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  • Tunnel Tents are suitable for large families or groups, as they provide plenty of headroom and livable space. Tunnel tents tend to withstand bad weather better than dome tents.

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  • Cabin Tents are usually available in waterproof polyester, canvas rainfly, and nylon top covers. Made of interjoining aluminum poles creating a cabin-like mood. With divided rooms, you can split parties into small groups or offer one side to store gear and the other for sleeping quarters.

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3. Air Mattresses

Easy to set up and maintain, an air mattress on the floor is a bright idea to accommodate more guests. The bed can sit on the floor and be set up in minutes. Using air mattresses gets you more sleeping space, and easy deflating allows for storage during the day.

  • Raised Air Mattress of more than 10 inches thick can offer more support for sleepers. It may be a better choice for older guests and is high enough to feel like a typical mattress.

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  • Self-inflating mattresses do not require physical pumping; these mattresses inflate and deflate with a flick of a button. They are easy to set up with internal pumps, but are more expensive.

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4. Murphy Beds

Twin Murphy beds are a fun and creative sleeping arrangement. Instead of the typical Murphy bed, get horizontal ones that slide into the wall. When opened, they look like bunk beds but can tuck away neatly when not in use. While Murphy beds are notorious for poor mattresses, you can give your guests plush sleeping with your Murphy bed while allowing more space when stored away. 

  • Chest Cabinet Bed has a foldable mattress that is stored in a cupboard or cabinet, unlike storing a whole mattress in the wall. They take up less space and take the form of typical house furniture.

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  • Horizontal Murphy beds are similar to vertical Murphy beds, but they are fixed sideways on the wall. They are suitable for smaller spaces and are easier to access.

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5. Sleeper sofas

Large master bedrooms can accommodate a sleeper sofa instead of a reading table or an armchair. The sleeper sofa should be comfortable and accommodate an adult. However, it can also host children traveling with their parents. Depending on their size, you may even choose to use sleeper sofa’s throughout the home to accommodate large groups at your Airbnb.

  • Sofa Beds feature a convertible sofa that folds down into a bed without removing cushions or adding an extra mattress. This sofa bed is reliable and conserves space.

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  • Pull-Out Couches offer a full mattress inside; a handle is flipped to reveal the bed. However, they take more space than other brands on the market.

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6. Chair Beds

Having the same concept as sofa beds, chair beds are advantageous and can fit neatly with the interior decor of your Airbnb. In addition, it is easily movable in the living room, and several chair beds can be utilized.

  • An Armchair Bed provides excellent comfort and relaxation; the chair is suitable for one person. It also features an extendable footrest which is irresistible for tall guests. The comfort of resting while watching TV is an ideal option for some guests. It can also be hidden in plain sight in the ottoman position for even more uses.

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Wrapping Up

Airbnb’s hosts consistently list their sleeping arrangements, and guests love the idea of being able to share a bed or enjoy some space alone. When you’re backpacking, and your destination is closer to the big city than your bedroom, you’ll settle for sleeping on a lumpy couch or a stranger’s floor. With the options we’ve shared, your Airbnb’s offerings can provide a little luxury for a reasonable price.

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