Best Airbnb Furniture for Short Term Rentals. Where to buy Airbnb furniture

Best Airbnb Furniture & Where to Buy It

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When furnishing a short-term rental property, it’s very important to find furniture that meshes with the vibe of the listing. In fact, it’s a requirement for Airbnb Plus. Here are a few of our favorite finds for must-have Airbnb furniture and where to buy them.

4 Best Airbnb Furniture Ideas

Today, we’re going to throw down our top three Airbnb furniture favorites you can add to your short-term rental. And, of course, we had to break it up by style since a great Airbnb design is second only to a comfortable bed.

1. Country Cabin Coffee Table

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If you’re furnishing a rustic cabin, you want wood furniture that gives off the natural vibe. This Square Farmhouse Coffee Table has pine with metal accents and tons of storage hidden inside. And the top is the perfect size for a board game—you can keep all your extra games inside, too.

2. Midcentury Modern Chair Set

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For furnishing a mid-century modern villa, you might want sleek, stylish pieces—but they still have to be comfortable. This adorable set of JustRoomy Upholstered Arm Chairs provides a colorful accent with that mod twist. This is the perfect way to fill and brighten up a dark corner while adding extra seating. You could pair the chairs in the living room or separate them as bedroom accents.

3. Urban Convertible Bed

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This Vonanda Sofa Bed and Chair is so unique. We had to include it because it’s multifunctional, which is a feature you definitely want in an Airbnb space. This chair has four positions:

  • Ottoman
  • Chair
  • Recliner
  • Bed

Having this option allows you to accommodate extra guests or add extra seating easily. And when you don’t need it, it folds neatly into a tufted footrest. It matches an urban style with clean lines, muted tones, and has a minimalist aesthetic.

4. Coastal Retreat Wicker Headboard

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When it comes to the traditional New England coastal style, that wicker look has been a big hit for decades. With the right accents, it never goes out of style. This Crosley Wooden Headboard comes in a banana leaf pattern that gives a statement texture to the bedroom set. Giving that light and airy feel, it’s perfectly paired with a seaside view.

Buyer’s Guide for Airbnb Furniture

If you can find a home that’s already furnished, that’s amazing. But when you’re starting out with an empty nest, it’s very difficult to find items that go well together. So, unless you have a lot of interior design skills under your belt, we’ve got tips on how to purchase the best Airbnb furniture for your vacation rental.

The Best Airbnb Furniture Needs to Have Great Value

What does great value mean? This is a vacation rental. A lot of different groups of people will be moving in and out of it on a regular basis. The furniture needs to hold up well to wear and tear. It’s likely that you’ll have children and pets in and out of the house, ruining your feng shui on a daily basis. We recommend buying furniture that’s economical, but not cheap enough that it’s obviously IKEA.

Where to Buy Airbnb Furniture

We have had very good results with Ashley Furniture. Ashley Furniture is available all over the world and has incredibly fast delivery on most items. Also, we furnished all four of our properties entirely with Ashley Furniture and we’ve gone over a year without anything breaking.

They even offer interest-free financing in the US, so we took advantage of that and paid it off over 18 months with our Airbnb income.

Make Sure it Doesn’t Clash

What we found works best, is to pick the best Airbnb furniture set, preferably one we can use throughout the entire house. A lot of collections sold by Ashley Furniture tend to have items for the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and dining all in the same collection. This makes it really easy to have a consistent theme throughout your listing.

Don’t Forget the Appliances and Electronics

When furnishing an Airbnb, you should also be sure that you have really convenient and easy-to-use appliances. While this isn’t exactly furniture, it’s important to think about these two as a cohesive set. You’ll want your dining room table to match the design concept for your stove. And when it comes to the value star rating, having a smart TV to watch is just as crucial as a comfy couch.

Coordinating With the Décor

We like to find specialty décor items for each house that can stand on their own against the furniture we pick. It should all add to the experience you’re trying to create for your guests. For example, our rustic cabin has a floor lamp that looks like it’s suspended from tree branches by our sofa, and a faux deer head above the mantle. Wayfair has an unbeatable selection when it comes to lighting and décor.

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