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What To Do If Your Airbnb Account is Hacked

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As is standard nowadays, keeping personal information on the Internet is risky. There is always a chance that someone can access this information and use it against you or pretend to be you. When the platform was at its peak in 2016, it was assaulted with a good deal of persistent and widespread Airbnb account hacks.

Although Airbnb customer care insisted that the breach came from the customer side, either by clicking on phishing and spam mail, most customers debunked this claim. They argued that they had not accessed such emails, and the hack and data breach had occurred from the database. Anytime you get a phishing email, and you click on it, the sender can then grab most of your data like passwords and usernames.

Now, cases of Airbnb accounts getting hacked are significantly lower due to added security on the site, but it still happens. If your Airbnb account just got hacked, the next steps you take depend on the hacker’s activity and intent. If a hacker locked your Airbnb account or changed the language and deleted the account, then your approach will have to be a little different.

What to Do If You Got Hacked

So you just got hacked, sorry about that. The first thing to do is not to panic! Then follow these steps.

Change Your Username/Password

If hackers just got into your account, the first step is to try and log into your account. If you can still log in, then this means that your account information, like your username and password, has not been changed. Quickly change your username and password and even your corresponding email if you can. This is because your linked email account may be compromised as well.

File a Complaint

When this is done, reach out to Airbnb. They will give you options to fill out a complaint and even upload screenshots of what transpired on your account after it got hacked. It is very important to contact Airbnb immediately because most of the payments made on the platform take a while to complete. If the hacker tried to transfer money from your account, then the transaction may be pending and can be reversed. 

Contact Customer Service

If the hackers changed your username or password, then the other option would be to call customer care. Airbnb customer care information can be found on the contact page of the Airbnb site. You can email them, but reaching customer care by calling is faster, and time is of the essence. Customer care may ask you to provide details to verify who you are and log in to your complaint. They may then be able to grant you access to your account, so you can investigate how much damage was done.

Be Patient

While you may be at your wit’s end, resolving issues like this sometimes takes time, and you will need to be patient. Rest assured, Airbnb will get to you, and even if they are unable to resolve the issue, they will give you tips on how to keep your account more secure in the future.

Tips on How to Avoid another Hack

After you have gotten your account back, there are few tips on how to prevent a further hack on your Airbnb account, even with the information you lost. Make sure that the hack came from your end because there is not much you can do if it came from the Airbnb host database.

Avoid Copycat Sites

You can prevent hackers from acquiring data or personal information on your end. Many websites may try to mimic the Airbnb’s look and feel. Be careful not to click on such sites.

Do Not Log Into Unsecured Websites

Do not log in or input your data on sites that are unprotected or unsecured. Even if the site is legit, any hacker can easily get your information from such a site. You can identify such sites when your browser displays a popup message warning you of an untrustworthy certificate.

Two-Step Authentication

You can create a two-step authentication method for Airbnb that will verify your account every once in a while. This will make your account harder for any hacker to access. You will be notified if any unrecognized device attempted to log into your account. If you respond “no,” the person using that device will be asked to provide authentication information when they try to log in. They will most likely fail.

Use Unique Passwords

Do not use one password for everything, especially for applications connected to finance or your credit cards. Try using something that people who know you won’t be able to guess.

Change Your Passwords

Change your passwords regularly. Try using a system or algorithm to help you rotate your password. It will make it more difficult for anyone to use your data against you. 


Getting hacked can be a traumatic and trying experience, especially when money is involved. The anxiety can leave you temporarily confused about the next step to take.

Always remember to stay calm and take deep breaths. It is scary to have a stranger go through your data and try or successfully defraud, but staying calm and contacting the authority is a big first step. You may feel helpless, but try not to become aggressive. Contact Airbnb for more support.

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