Pool Time: 5 Products for Your Airbnb Pool and How to Use Them

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When you have a swimming pool inside or around your Airbnb vacation rental house, you have to take care of it. Sometimes, adding a little something extra to your pool can boost the appeal and match the atmosphere you’ve designed throughout the rest of your house. Here are 5 products to make your Airbnb pool look and feel more attractive, along with instructions on how to use them.

WaterWarden WWF300 5-foot In-Ground Pool Fence

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People tend to think about making the pool area more fun, but they overlook the need for safety supplies. With its simplicity to set up and use, the WaterWarden WWF300 can provide another layer of protection.

The WaterWarden WWF300 is pretty reliable for keeping small children from getting in unsupervised. The fence isn’t easily climbable because the vertical slats are less than 4 inches apart. Adults, but not children, can open the gate thanks to the high placement of the latch. 

How to Use

WaterWarden provides instructions, hooks, drilling templates, and more for easy installation. The spring-loaded safety latch feature on the fence allows adults to remove sections or join them together.

One downside to installing a fence is that you can’t fully enjoy the surrounding scenery from the inside. But if you’re concerned about water safety, it’s worth the trade-off when it comes to products for your Airbnb pool.

Taylor K2005 Swimming Pool Test Kit 

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It’s not just about having a pool; it’s also about keeping it in good shape. If the water is unclean and green algae develop on the walls, your Airbnb guests won’t use your pool. And it could hurt your cleanliness rating. The Taylor K2005 Swimming Pool Test Kit can help you show off a well-maintained pool with clean and welcoming water.

The Taylor K2005 can test for bromine, chlorine, pH, base demand, acid demand, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and total alkalinity.

How to Use

For each test, the kit includes 0.75-ounce reagent bottles. All of the chemicals are kept organized in a simple carrying kit containing explicit instructions for doing each test. Thanks to the color-coded readings, the results are easy to interpret, so you can buy the proper chemical to improve the water quality.

The information provided by the tests can be a little confusing at first, especially if you’re new to pool maintenance. But this is definitely a product that’s worth the time to learn how to use it. The Taylor K2005 can help you preserve your investment.  

WaterGuru Sense Smart Pool Monitoring System

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Pools can be a pain to monitor, especially when you’re not always on site. That’s why WaterGuru’s Smart pool monitoring system is perfect for your Airbnb pool. 

The system can automatically measure your chlorine and PH levels, storing that data in the cloud. It works with iOS and Android devices, so you can access that information from anywhere. It even gives you specific advice on how to care for your pool if it’s not properly balanced. You’ll get information on what chemicals to add and how much. 

How to Use

Installation is super easy, and it fits right into an 8-inch pool skimmer slot. And since you can use it in saltwater or chlorinated pools, you won’t have to worry about getting the right product for your water type. While this smart device is an investment, so is your pool. Preparing with the right maintenance products for your Airbnb pool can keep it in better shape much longer. 

AIPER Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Dirt, bugs, and leaves can really destroy the aesthetic of your pool. And since you’re usually not there when your Airbnb go swimming, you can’t control what they bring into the water. But with the AIPER pool cleaner, you can control what comes out. 

It has dual motors and two scrubbers to suck up all the junk from the bottom of your pool. It works for both in-ground and above-ground pools and can get to a little over 8 feet deep. 

How to Use

The cleaning power of this little robot lasts just under an hour and can take care of 525 square feet of pool space. At just about 6 lbs., you can turn it on and toss it gently into your pool. It floats to the bottom and does its job. When it’s finished, this cordless cleaner will park all by itself at the edge of your pool, and you can easily scoop it up with a pool hook.

Cleaning your robot is just as simple. It comes apart quickly, and you can rinse out the inside with a garden hose. With just a few minutes of work, you can keep your pool clean all year! 

In-Ground & Above-Ground Pool Fountain

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A lovely water fountain feature can really take your poolside ambiance up a level or two. And this sprinkler attachment has a solar-powered glow-in-the-dark feature too. But did you know that these fountains can actually help improve the “life” of your pool? 

As the fountain moves, it aerates the water and keeps it from becoming stagnant. After all, fresh water is always more fun to swim in. This works especially well for warmed pools since you can use the fountain to cool down your guests. 

How to Use

It works for in-ground and most above-ground pools, adding a little extra to your patio décor. Threading easily into the jet fitting, it’s pretty simple to install. Your pool pump will help keep the water running through the fountain, too. The nozzle is adjustable, so you can rotate it around in your pool for the perfect angle. 

Diving Into Products for Your Airbnb Pool

You don’t need to go overboard with your Airbnb pool. Adding inexpensive but effective accessories can do the job nicely while improving or sustaining your pool quality. If these products for your Airbnb pool match your style and you feel comfortable learning to use them, try adding them to your shopping cart. 

While these might not be as fun as that inflatable aquatic lounger, a well-kept pool is a sure-fire way to impress your guests this summer. 

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