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Optimizing Your Airbnb Organization For Cleanup Ease

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Airbnb organization has always been, and will continue to be, an essential part of the hosting process. But now more than ever, cleaning has become a crucial part of guest safety and comfort.

Although keeping a clean, clutter-free environment is nothing new, with the rise of the COVID-19 virus, people have been urged to give additional attention to cleanliness as never before.  As an Airbnb host, you’re in charge of your guest’s well-being, not just their comfort, and cleaning before and after guests can become quite daunting.

If you have concerns, you can find out more about the approved Airbnb COVID-19 safety cleaning guidelines. Otherwise, here are some ways to get organized and make cleaning your Airbnb easier as a host.

Minimize the Potential for a Mess

As the saying goes, planning for prevention is better than searching for a cure, and the same can be applied to Airbnb organization. First, ask yourself if there’s another way to arrange your space so that your guests can have easier access to items they might need. A simple change can prevent them from creating a big mess.

Whether you’re cleaning up after current guests, or you’re turning it over in preparation for your next booking, the way you have organized your spaces can minimize messes you have to clean up.

With that in mind, here a couple of ways to minimize the potential for guests to create a big mess:

Anticipate Your Guests’ Needs 

For instance, a guest that just traveled from a long distance is likely to be exhausted when they reach your place. Adjustments should be made so that there will be space for them to drop their bags, shoes, and other things on arrival. Shoe storage, benches, or other furniture that provide an organized place to help them to forget about their bags for a while and get settled in can make a big difference.

Keep Things Within Reach 

Empty drawers and closets to create space for your guests and keep things like vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, brooms, etc. within reach of your guests. Don’t leave your things about or allow them to take up space that should be meant for guests.

If possible, make a list of frequently used items and where they are located. This can not only help guests locate the items but also in return them to their respective places when they are done with them.

Make Sure Everything Works

All your equipment, electronic and otherwise, should be in great working condition when you are renting out Airbnb homes. Repair all faulty appliances that are needed by guests and replace those that you cannot repair. If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t work, your guests are less likely to clean up after themselves with a broom.

Make a place for everything. Keep the laundry basket for dirty clothes in an area where guests will be changing, and also have trashcans available to dispose of any trash. Be sure to empty your trashcans before renting out an Airbnb and provide overflow trash receptacles where guests can put trash bags once they are full to minimize bigger messes left inside.

A Little Airbnb Organization Goes a Long Way

Apart from arranging your apartment and compartmentalizing items to make cleaning easier, it would help if you still cleaned your place after your guests and when preparing for new guests.  Here are some steps to follow that will make your cleaning less work.

Decide What Needs Cleaning

Make a list of everything you need to make your Airbnb organized and sparkling clean. Get all your cleaning equipment ready, have a face masks, hand gloves, and hand sanitizers available in the event of virus concerns. Keep a vacuum cleaner, cleaning products, and a mop and bucket on hand for faster cleaning.

  • Start by turning off most electric appliances like air conditioners and open up the doors and windows.
  • Get a trash bag and start by picking up any disposables lying around the house.
  • You can then empty the trash cans and take out the trash.

Decide on Which Room to Clean First

Most people start with the bedroom and toilet and work their way into the living room and kitchen. If you are starting in the bedroom, then pick up all the dirty laundry and put it in a laundry basket. This should include towels, face cloths, bedsheets, blankets, and mattress and pillow protectors.

Return any moved furniture. In the kitchen, wash all the dirty dishes first before you start cleaning the kitchen. Be sure to check all dishes, as guests may have used them and not washed them well prior to putting away. You don’t want future guests to find dishes with stuck on food or lipstick on glass edges and count you off for cleanliness.

Return all plates, pots, and other kitchen items to their storage places before you start dusting. You can sanitize all surfaces when you are done. Leave your floors until the end to be sure any items that have dropped are picked up when your finished cleaning surfaces.

Outsource AirBnB Organization to a Cleaning Service

If you are overwhelmed, then don’t be afraid to turn to a cleaning service for some help. Cleaning services are the easiest way to optimize cleaning for your Airbnb organization.

If you want your place to look a particular way, then you can show them that as well. Make a checklist of what you want done, and do a quick once-over before your guests arrive. Ask cleaning staff to send pictures of their finished work after each cleaning, so you can have an accurate view of how things were left in the event your next guest has concerns.


Cleaning is so much easier when your Airbnb is well organized. This not only minimizes messes from guests, but also makes cleaning much easier for the host.

Having simple cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners and dishwashers for guests also encourages them to clean up after themselves. Double-check that everything is in good working order as well, so guests don’t use it as an excuse not to clean.

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