Are Themed Airbnbs Worth it?

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Today’s travel trend is all about immersing yourself in the local culture—and spending a night or two in a place that feels like home. That makes themed Airbnbs a perfect solution, especially if you’re traveling with a group of friends or a significant other. But are themed Airbnbs worth it?

Themed Airbnb Offerings

While Airbnb users have always gone for themed stays, the options for themed Airbnbs have increased over the past few years. Some Airbnb hosts offer themes like the Beatles, the ’80s, or Luxury, while others create experiences guests could never have at home. Still, some hosts offer themes that may not appeal to everyone. 

Getting Airbnb bookings during peak season is easy, but attracting guests and getting bookings throughout the year is challenging for any Airbnb host. The more on theme your Airbnb is, the more likely you can receive bookings throughout the year, not just during busy seasons. 

What To Consider

When going for a theme for your Airbnb property, you need to ensure that your theme does not have distractions. Your guest should experience the displayed theme in its entirety; here are a few tips:

  • Superhost: Being around for your guests whenever they need you is important. Guide them around your house in pictures, and in person, to help them see all of the features that will make the most of the theme you offer. Don’t forget to use words in your description that fit your theme, such as magical, radical, serene, etc.
  • Lighting: For your theme to shine, the amount of lighting is important. Moreover, the lights installed can also be part of the theme as they add to the mood of your setting. Don’t forget natural light!
  • Inspiration: When brainstorming what theme to choose, think about what you love about the area. You may not need to look far for your ideal theme. 
  • Stick to One Theme: Overambitious design and décor will make your house look confusing. Don’t have a simple beach house, then begin to bring in hints of pirates; while the two correlate, the clean and serene lines of your beach house do not need to be invaded by the chaos of pirates. Choose one theme and stick with it.

Avoid a Language Barrier

Give guests the option to see your listing in different languages; many Airbnb users don’t speak English, so translating your listing is necessary to attract more bookings. There are tons of benefits to translating your Airbnb listing, such as:

  1. It improves your chances of booking more reservations, which means more money in your pocket
  2. It allows you to reach a wider audience of potential guests
  3. It makes your listing look more professional than the ones that are only written in English

It’s important to note that you can translate your listing into five languages. If your Airbnb is located in a high-traffic tourist city, this step is essential when catering to visitors. 

Steps to Take in Theming Your Property

Airbnb is all about creating and enjoying experiences. While the platform provides ample opportunity to rent out a spare room or even a couch, the tours, classes, and hikes offered by Airbnb hosts set the platform apart. Airbnb is all about personal experiences, and your space should be able to provide them. But what if you could use a theme to make the property feel like an experience?

When choosing a theme, you should consider one that relates to your neighborhood, country, or general history geographically. Basing your theme on the surrounding natural environment is one of the most common hacks and well-appreciated themes by guests. Choosing a theme for your Airbnb is only limited by your imagination, so here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Theme Picking: Consider your geographical setting and its history. Are you surrounded by mountains, the beach, or a local theme park? Check out this Disney/Universal-themed Airbnb located in Florida. 
  • Décor: Workaround what you already have, then add new pieces to create a more cohesive themed space. If you have the resources, you can incorporate built-in beds, kids’ play areas, or outdoor activities related to your theme. 
  • Online Presence: After working on your house, you need to update your listing and ensure clients get to check out your new theme. You may need new photos and a new description for your listing. Don’t forget to use keywords that may boost your search results. 
  • Keep it Neutral: In cases where you lack funds or decorating skills, keep the changes as mild as possible. Work on one room at a time; you don’t need to finish the entire house in one sitting. Guests may also appreciate simple gathering areas of the home if other areas are loud and on theme.
  • Themed Events: Guests love being in an updated setting. You may even offer themed changes such as celebrating a holiday or the events like Olympics. These “themed events” could draw reservations in slower seasons.
  • Wall Art: Your largest canvas is your walls. Choose pictures, paintings, or even murals to spruce up your theme. While you may tone down some areas of the Airbnb, others can be lively and imaginative. Kids love characters and vibrant spaces; their rooms are the best for murals of Spiderman and Queen Elsa.

Take Away

Airbnb guests want more than just a place to sleep. Booking “experiences” is a way to offer more authentic vacation options. Airbnb’s new Experiences program was introduced to help hosts and guests connect and get more out of their trip. Guests can book tours, guided activities, classes, restaurants, nightlife venues, and other activities. Or they can stay home and truly enjoy your themed location. 

Theming your property heightens the experience your guests will have and also improves your ratings. So we’d say yes, themed Airbnbs are worth it. 

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