8 Gifts to Give Your Guests for Staying at Your Airbnb

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Nothing says “welcome home” like a basket of goodies inscribed with a personal note just for your guests. That’s why we came up with these eight gifts to give your guests for staying at your Airbnb.

Your listing is finally booked, and it is officially time to celebrate! But the party shouldn’t stop with just you doing a happy dance in the kitchen. Thanking clients for investing in and supporting what you have to offer is a thoughtful and sometimes expected gesture in the hotel industry.

Celebrate with your guests and welcome them into your Airbnb with special gifts like these items picked especially for them.

1. Baked Goods

For the host on a budget, baked goods are an inexpensive and tasty way to thank your guests. Of course, you can make them yourself, but who has the time? Keep packs pre-ordered so you’re ready anytime guests show up. Tate’s Bake Shop has variety packs you can lay out for guests.

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As guests walk through the front door of your space, taking in all the splendor of your carefully crafted aesthetic, a sweet treat just for them, awaits on the counter. They can share with their party or have it all for themselves. No judgment here. We’re just glad they made it home.

2. Fresh Produce from the Farmer’s Market

If you’re proud of your local farmer’s market, why not share some of that goodness with your guests? As a local host with a reservoir of knowledge of the city and the best spots in town, giving your guests a sampling of what the area has to offer is a respectful and inclusive way to welcome them into your community and home.

You can even provide a recipe card to make their own savory meal or a delectable treat. Just make sure you have all the necessary cooking or baking equipment in the kitchen for their convenience.

If you don’t have the space for a kitchen and fresh fruit, you can give them the flavor of “local” with Kitchen Kettle Village’s Jams or a small item that represents a feature of your region, like an ornament.

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3. Movie Night Basket

Got a great space? A cozy couch? Give your guests a copy of your favorite movie with a basket of drinks, candy, and popcorn. All it takes is a selection of beverages, a mix of sweet and salty snacks, and of course, the buttery popcorn.

Place the items in a basket or divvy them up into a goodie bag, or if your style is simply propping them up on the counter, guests won’t think twice about the presentation. They’ll be too busy thinking about how thoughtful you are. Alternatively, for those with a more refined palette, a bottle of wine, some chocolates, and crackers or nuts go a long way for those looking to escape into an oasis of serenity.

You can even purchase a few popular family films on Amazon Prime Video so your guests have options for something to watch.

4. A Bouquet of Flowers for the Table

Giving and receiving flowers is a sign of respect, appreciation, and gratitude. You can pick them up on your way home from work, drop them off, arrange them in a nice vase, and you’re set to go.

For an added personalized touch, you can use a decorative chalkboard to leave a note and then reuse it when your next guests come through. Who doesn’t love a win-win? Flowers liven up the room with their beauty, color, and aroma and can serve as a lasting reminder to your visitors that you were thinking of them and hope their stay is enjoyable.

5. Toiletries They Probably Forgot

Nothing says love like a ream of toilet paper when you need it most. Stocking up on household items creates a sense of thoughtfulness, not only about your space and the things it needs to operate fully, but to your guests.

Items like unique soaps, makeup remover wipes, sponges, tissues, and feminine hygiene products are things that people may forget in the flurry of traveling and getting settled, but you’ll have it ready and waiting for them. The effort to provide these items may be small, but the gesture is big.

6. Gift Cards to Local Shops

Partner with local diners, restaurants, and companies in your area. This not only lets guests enjoy your community but also expands your network of business contacts. Try including one in your welcome binder, along with a list of must-try spots in the area. This works especially well for long-term stays.

Communicating with guests prior to arrival can help you determine their purpose for visiting and potential needs while they stay. Don’t hesitate to let these conversations guide your imagination when determining a practical gift for their special stay.

7. Goodie Bags

Another inexpensive and classic gift: the goodie bag.

Simple and easy, all you need is a bag of candy and some small gift bags, and you’ve got a couple of dozen gifts ready to hand out. To class it up a bit, you can always assemble swag bags comprised of fun and useful items like sticky notes, pop sockets, reusable straws, earplugs, sunglasses, and eye masks. The possibilities of goodie bags are endless.

Candy keeps for a while, and you can change it up depending on the season. This is a great gift for Airbnb spots that often attract families with younger kids.

8. Outdoor Adventure Gifts

Think about the amenities of your rental and the local area. What experiences do your guests have to choose from? Offer little gifts to help them enjoy their outdoor adventures.

  • If there are a lot of mountains and hiking trails, assemble a hiking mix of bug repellent, water, and snacks. Prop them up on the counter or a small backpack with a map of the best trails nearby.
  • If you live near the ocean, create a beach basket with sunscreen, a book, and a trendy water bottle.
  • For Airbnbs with a pool, an inflatable float or small pool toys are fun gifts your guests can use to soak up the sun and savor the memories.

Theming your gifts based on your home and the surrounding area acts as a link between them and the community.

Final Thoughts

Thanking your guests plays a large role in being an entrepreneur. You couldn’t succeed without them, and they wouldn’t be here without you. Plan a little room in your budget to treat them as you would a friend or relative staying over for the night.

Making homemade treats and providing a selection of local produce opens them up to various tastes and experiences. A basket of goodies—whether it be for movies, romance, or just plain candy—offers guests a plethora of enjoyable, memory-filled moments to elevate their experience at your Airbnb.

Your gift does not need to be expensive or over the top unless that’s your style, but any of these guest gifts are a great way to express your appreciation and gratitude for staying at your Airbnb.

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