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7 Premium Toiletries You Can Supply Airbnb Guests on a Budget

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Amenities, while appreciated, are certainly not what your guests come to stay for. Still, when you don’t have them, they notice. Guests have come to see toiletries as a basic act of hospitality. But this doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to buy the most expensive things you can find. Here are seven premium toiletries you can supply Airbnb guests with on a budget.

One of the easiest ways to provide amenities on a budget is by keeping your bathroom well-stocked with toiletries any guest is bound to need or want. This goes for everyone from guests attending a wedding, a couple on their honeymoon, or the adventuring pair going on an all-day kayak trip.

1. PorsMing Sleeping Masks for Men and Women

Sleep masks go hand-in-hand with luxury. Besides providing complete darkness for improved sleep quality, they also elevate one’s sleeping aesthetic. It feels trés fancy.

When your guests arrive after a long road trip, perhaps having traveled cross-country or suffering through a red-eye flight, a sleep mask is an unexpected and welcome indulgence.

Sleep masks can improve the quality and length of sleep in a strange place, a common issue in people who are not used to frequent travel. A city dweller might be unaccustomed to a dazzling sunrise peeking through their curtains at the crack of dawn and find it annoying. A guest with a champagne headache from too much fun at a wedding the night before will greatly appreciate the soothing quality of darkness the sleep mask provides.

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2. BERGMAN KELLY Travel Body Lotion

Your guest’s skin may feel dryer than usual for a variety of reasons. So when the host has provided an indulgent and luxurious-smelling body lotion for the duration of their stay, it’s a welcome skin-saver. Not to mention a pleasant scent memory.

If your guests are staying during the cooler winter months, the cold fresh air, change of heating system, and water quality are all factors that can contribute to dry, flakey skin.

Summer’s high temperatures and the activities associated with fun in the sun can also dehydrate the skin. The vacation lifestyle often veers from the regular dietary habits practiced at home. Consuming lots of salty food and not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, leaving the skin craving extra moisture.

So make sure you keep body lotion in your premium toiletries. Although a product with no scent might feel like a safe bet, you may want to provide a lightly scented, gender-neutral option for the enjoyment of your guest.

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3. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelette Singles

Surveys across the board in the hospitality industry show quite plainly that providing your guests with makeup remover wipes will save you money. The costs associated with purchasing, providing, laundering, and replacing bathroom towels are astronomical.

Rather than a guest leaving behind a difficult-to-clean mess of smudged and colorful makeup on your towels and bedsheets, rely on this eye makeup remover pad to save the day. Your Airbnb guests will appreciate the convenience of a single-use makeup remover, and so will your housekeeping costs. Your guests won’t have to use your expensive towels that are even more expensive to deep clean.

Place one or two individually wrapped makeup remover wipes in your guest’s bathroom and watch the savings instantly add up. Your guests will always remember the fantastic rental that provided them with such a remarkable, convenient product.

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4. 3-Piece Set: Shampoo Conditioner and Soap Bar

Your guests will most certainly appreciate having shampoo and conditioner provided during their stay (especially if they forgot to bring some). A light, pleasant scent ensures guests will want to use the soap and hair products they find in the bathroom.

While it is true that guests tend to squirrel away the small premium toiletries you’ve provided versus large-sized refillables, not all rentals have space (in the shower stall, for example) for large bottles. One way of looking at it is if these travel-sized bottles are complementary, they will disappear one way or another!

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5. Terra Pure Wild Citrus Body Wash

Many people prefer body wash for ease of use. Just a squeeze makes a nice, rich foamy lather. Body washes tend to leave a soft, moisturized feeling (this may even eliminate the need to apply body lotion). Picking a luxurious, neutral scent like Citrus for body wash in your premium toiletries collection can make all the difference for your guests.

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Common ailments and body pains can slow down your guest and limit their experience during their stay. Be the hero to help get them on their way by providing these single-dose, over-the-counter medications by Rescue Essentials.

When it comes to deciding what non-prescription medicine to include in your amenities package, these variety packs can meet many needs. Your guests may have eaten fast food while on the road or have a headache from celebrating at a local event.

Instead of sending someone to find that expensive remedy at the convenience store, let your guests have the luxury of relief as soon as they need it.

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7. Disposable Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit

Did your guests pack in a hurry at the end of the Friday workday? That’s a recipe for forgetfulness. And possibly the most commonly forgotten toiletries are a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Your guest arrives rumpled and ready for a nice hot shower, only to discover the utterly indispensable toothbrush and toothpaste are not there. “Oh no,” they think, “I have total garlic breath!”

Keep a case of these on hand. Your guests will thank you.

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Stocking Up On Premium Toiletries

When it comes to toiletries on a budget, you need to decide what basic things people expect and look for. In any given hotel room, you’ll find complimentary soap and travel-sized shampoo; some hotels will have toothbrushes available at the front desk. They’ll have the toiletries that people forget to bring or don’t feel like buying. You need to think and stock similarly.

But just because these items are basic doesn’t mean they can’t add a bit of luxury and freedom to an Airbnb stay. (Yes, even the non-prescription products- a headache or upset stomach can practically ruin a trip!) Check out the products we listed above. You aren’t spending a lot of money, but you add a higher level of convenience that your guests will appreciate.

They’ll remember this special effort you made them in their review!

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