5 Airbnb Amenities That Are Under $100

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Besides providing an honest listing and hassle-free check-in, adding amenities to your Airbnb can increase your chances of getting a 5-star review. Better ratings give you a higher search ranking on Airbnb and help you snag more bookings. It will also put you on track to earn more revenue and achieve super-host status faster.  

Since it’s the little things that make a great experience, we’ve put together a list of easy amenities to add to exceed your guest’s expectations. Read on for 5 Airbnb amenities under $100 that most guests will appreciate. 

1. An Iron and an Ironing Board

Guests travel for different reasons, and most want their clothes and hair to look great when they go out. For this reason, one of the biggest questions that Airbnb hosts receive is whether there is an iron and an ironing board available. All three amenities combined can be purchased for under $100 and are worth the investment since they also last a long time. The Sunbeam Classic Iron comes with a self-clean system and a 3-year limited warranty. And there’s the happhom Space Saver Ironing Board that can adjust to any height, from 8-33 inches tall

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2. Snacks and Drinks

Offering your guests something to snack on or drink when they arrive can be a refreshing start to their experience. If they had a long drive or traveled from far away, your guests will most likely appreciate this. Non-perishable and dry goods are easy to stock up on, and a few bottles of cold water in the fridge can go a long way. 

Even if you don’t provide any other drinks, it is crucial to have coffee and tea. Most reviews on Airbnb will mention whether this amenity is available. It’s also low-cost for you to provide. For coffee, you can have your favorite coffee grounds, K-cups, or a coffee sampler packet such as the Crema Coffee Gourmet Flavored Sampler. Tea also comes in many shapes and sizes. An assorted box with caffeinated and decaffeinated options for guests to choose from can be a hit. Taylors of Harrogate has an assorted specialty tea box with eight varieties, including English Breakfast, Green Tea with Jasmine, and Organic Chamomile. 

For snack ideas, cookies, nuts, and fruit are always a safe option. If you don’t have access to fresh local fruit consistently, you can also opt for dried fruit. Here are suggestions for packaged snacks that you can buy in bulk and share with each visiting guest:

  • 56 snack packs of original Oreos, golden Oreos, Chips Ahoy!, and Nutter Butter cookies
  • 30 snack bags of assorted nuts, including toasted corn and trail mix
  • 12 packs of dried mangos
  • 34 packs of an assortment of snacks, including Popchips, Veggie Straws, and Stacy’s Pita Thins

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3. Extra Toiletries

It’s common for guests to forget things or run out of essential toiletries during their stay, so anticipate what they could be missing. To save costs on the shampoo and conditioner you provide, you can easily purchase small empty bottles for toiletries and fill them using large pump dispensers. Other toiletries to consider having available include:

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Lotion
  • Handsoap
  • Sanitary pads

It is also important to have enough toilet paper for the length of your guest’s stay. It can be a pain for your guest to have to buy a pack of toilet paper at the store when they need only one or two extra rolls. You can easily purchase toilet paper in bulk and place enough rolls in the bathroom. 

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4. Laptop-Friendly Workspace

While having high-speed internet is a crucial amenity for most guests, providing a workspace for them to take advantage of this feature is an important bonus. There will be an increase of remote workers traveling, so they will need a proper space to place their laptops. If your Airbnb listing is limited in space, you can easily purchase a space-saving chair and table set that double up as a dining table. Best Choice Products has a small and compact wooden table and chair design for this purpose. 

In addition to a table and chair set for working, consider purchasing a laptop lap desk. These can easily be used on the bed or couch if your guest prefers working in this way. Fayquaze has a foldable laptop tray table that includes a USB charge port and cup holder. 

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5. Storage Space

While a nice room is essential, having to live out of a suitcase can be difficult for most guests. You can make their stay comfortable by adding adequate storage space for them to unpack and unwind. Even if your listing doesn’t have built-in closets, you can easily purchase affordable portable wardrobes.

SONGMICS has a 51-inch portable fabric closet with ten shelves, including one space large enough to hang clothes in. The material is water-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. For a stainless steel portable wardrobe with a cube design and doors, MAGINELS also has various sized portable wardrobes for under $100. You can assemble it for folded clothes and hanging clothes. 

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All of the products in this article are easy and affordable to include in your Airbnb listing. Adding amenities your guests will appreciate can lead to a great return on investment in the long run. Purchase them today to get on track towards increasing bookings and gaining Super-Host status.

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