How to Childproof Your Airbnb for Family Reservations

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If you own an Airbnb, you may welcome all different types of guests to your space. They’ll come from different locations and be different ages. Your aim as a host is to make the stay enjoyable, no matter who walks through your door. You should also make the space as safe as possible.

Some guests may book your Airbnb for a family vacation with their little ones in tow. Children often like to explore the space they’re in, especially when they’re in new surroundings. You can help the adults relax and enjoy their stay by putting some safety measures In place. Read on for tips for child-proofing an Airbnb for family reservations.

Childproofing 101 for your Airbnb 

Safety is a priority, even when you go on a holiday, getaway, or staycation. As an Airbnb host, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the guests will have a memorable and safe stay at your premises. But you’ll need to take extra care when a family with small children has booked. 

Safety Gates and Play Pens

Children occasionally venture into spaces that may not be safe for them. Consider adding a safety gate in strategic places like the door to the basement or at the top or bottom of the stairs to help avoid any accidents. Consider getting a safety gate that is easy to install and durable. Some safety gates also close automatically.

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Some parents might also appreciate having a place for little ones to play safely, so you can consider getting a pack n’ play to keep onsite. This limits the movement of the child within the pen so adults can relax. And they store away neatly in closets. 

Swimming Pool Safety

If you have a swimming pool, you’ll want to take extra precautions when hosting children since drowning is a major cause of accidental death. Always make sure that any doors that lead to the pool stay locked unless there’s adult supervision. You can also put a barrier around the pool to prevent children from jumping into it. To allow adults to always keep an eye on the pool, consider having a CCTV camera set up to monitor movements in the pool area. Some areas require a surface alarm for pools to alert if anyone has entered the water unattended. Be sure to know the requirements for your location.

If you’re using an inflatable pool, one safety measure that you can take is to deflate it when it’s not in use. You can also cover swimming pools with a durable, water-proof safety net or a pool safety cover when the pool won’t be in use.

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Socket Covers

The risk of electrocution heightens when children start playing near electronic devices and sockets. They may fiddle with the wires or even insert objects into sockets. In most homes, the sockets are at a level that crawling or walking children can reach. To childproof the electronics and sockets, get outlet covers that are hard for the children to remove from the sockets. You can also use extension cords that have rotating outlet covers but keep the cords away from the child’s reach.

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Edge Bumpers

Tables and some chairs or stools with sharp edges can lead to serious injuries for tumbling toddlers. To prevent this, make the furniture safe for children who may be running or crawling around them by adding corner bumpers. In case they fall or scrape against the edges, the edge bumpers will provide a safe landing and reduce the chances of bumps and bruises.

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Anchors and Anti-tip Brackets

Lots of kids are avid climbers — especially when their parents aren’t looking. There have been accidents where children climb on dressers, wardrobes, refrigerators, or TV stands and furniture topples over on them. The weight of these items or appliances on the body of a child can cause extensive injuries. To avoid this from happening, try anchoring the furniture and appliances with screws to the wall. You can also put anti-tip brackets on dresser handles.

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Safety Locks

While you might try to be extra cautious and keep sharp objects out of sight, kids can reach a lot more than you’d think. Kids can open drawers and doors far more easily than you’d think. To avoid the curious little fingers from opening drawers, cabinets, and fridges, you can put safety locks on them. You can also install safety locks on toilets, which can prevent racecars and pacifiers from ending up in your pipes. 

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Keep Dangerous Items Away From Children

For your convenience, you may keep items like detergents and bleach easily accessible. But they can be very dangerous to children if they come to contact with or consume them. All items or chemicals that may be harmful to children should be kept far from their reach. This also includes medication, cleaning products, lighters, and matches. Do spot checks each time you arrange the house to ensure that all harmful items are kept in safe places.

Have Children in Mind

When preparing your Airbnb to host families, always have children and their safety in mind. The more you prepare, the more the adult guests will have total peace of mind during their stay. Don’t forget to indicate on your listing that your Airbnb is appropriate for children and follow up with satisfied parents about leaving a review. 

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