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How to Become And Airbnb Plus – Worth It?

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The Airbnb Plus Program is a relatively new addition to the Airbnb family. This more luxurious alternative provides guests with the option to choose from properties that are verified directly by the Airbnb corporate arm. Once you’ve achieved Superhost status, you might wonder how to become an Airbnb Plus listing. In order to qualify for Airbnb Plus status, your property must include additional amenities that are centered on comfort, quality, and style. The question you may be asking yourself is should you apply to join the program? Will it be worth the time and effort? The following information is filled with advice for hosts who are considering applying for the Airbnb Plus Program. 

The Top Three Pros Of The Airbnb Plus Program

1: Guest Bookings Will Increase

Being part of the Airbnb Plus Program will open up an entirely new world of guest bookings for your Airbnb business. You will now attract a clientele of people that would otherwise stay in a hotel. These guests expect a certain level of treatment that non-Plus program hosts typically do not provide. For example, a significant amount of travelers do not wish to bring their own pots and pans for cooking, and would not stay at a property that requires them to do so.

2: Revenue Will Increase

Your revenue will increase based on volume when you book additional guests. However, that is not the only increase in revenue that you will experience from becoming an Airbnb Plus Program member. You will also gain the ability to charge each guest more money per stay. Premium service equals premium prices. For example, consumers are willing to pay more money for five-star hotels because they provide a better overall experience. The same holds true for Airbnb properties. Your guests will be willing to pay a premium for the better overall experience that you are providing them with.

3: Airbnb Plus Program Hosts Receive Additional Benefits From Airbnb

Members of the Airbnb Plus Program receive additional services beyond those offered standard Airbnb hosts. For example, your listing(s) will be placed higher in Airbnb search rankings, and will also contain a special “Plus” Badge to help them stand out on the website page. Guests tend to be attracted to properties that are easy to find.  Airbnb also provides Plus hosts with access to professional interior designers and decorators in order to help your property stand out in pictures and in person.

The Top Three Cons Of The Airbnb Plus Program

1: How to Become and Airbnb Plus – It’s Difficult!

The Airbnb Plus Program holds hosts to a higher standard, and some people may not qualify. For example, you must have a rating of 4.8 stars of higher, you cannot have any canceled reservations over the past twelve months, and you must accept 95% of your booking requests. Some Airbnb hosts that wonder how to become an Airbnb Plus feel that the minimum-booking requirement gives them less control over the guests that they allow to stay at their properties. Program approval is also based on the property itself. There are standards for design, comfort, and functionality. In addition, the $149 application fee is non-refundable if you are not approved for the program for any reason.

2: Additional Amenities Are Required.

Airbnb Plus Program hosts must provide guests with a many additional amenities. Some of these items are one-time purchases such as a coffee maker/tea kettle, an iron, a hairdryer, pots and pans for cooking, Wi-Fi access, and a television set to name a few. Other items are based on consumable goods that must be purchased and placed within the property multiple times per year. For example, each bathroom must be stocked with essential items such as shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and body wash. Kitchens must include filtered water, salt, pepper, cooking oil, and a supply of coffee/tea that will last the entire stay of your guests. So, you’re asking how to become Airbnb Plus host material? In essence, you must spend more time and money running your Airbnb property.

3: Issues With Airbnb Customer Support

The Airbnb Plus Program is relatively new. In fact, it was first released in beta testing less than a year ago. Much like any new program, there are a few kinks that still need to be worked out. This has led to a back up in Airbnb customer support related to the program. According to some hosts, it has been extremely difficult to receive answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. Many have complained that they are being flat out ignored. Although Airbnb will end up resolving this situation, it can be frustrating to hosts that presently need customer support.

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