Best Desks for Airbnb 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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As a host, there are more pressing things to worry about than the interior design of your listing. However, taking the time to pick out furniture that compliments both the room and your budget will leave you in good shape at the time of your first check-in. With that in mind, we’ve done the research to bring you the 5 best desks for your Airbnb across 3 categories: value for your money, budget, and premium. 

Let’s delve into our findings and then we will leave it up to you to choose the best one for your Airbnb property!

#1 Value for Your Money – Modern Simple Study Desk

This industrial style desk will suit any room; be it bedroom or lounge room. As the name suggests, it is a contemporary looking desk with a simple, subtle look. It can be used for just about anything; displaying amenities, a luggage rack, clothing storage and even a workspace for guests should they have any business to attend to. 

This desk provides the best value for your money out of the many available.

#2 Best Premium – Nathan James Leighton 2 Drawer Desk

With a modern and lustrous metal body and luxurious matte finish, it is hard to match the elegance and functionality of this piece. Since this option is priced around $200, it falls into the premium category. But if you have the cash, or are willing to go over budget just a little, it could be the purchase that ties your Airbnb listing together. 

Use this desk as amenity storage, as a vanity table, or a workspace. Whatever you do, try to keep food, drink, and suitcases off as they may ruin its sleek design. 

#3 Best Budget – Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk

At around $50, this simple desk is the best budget pick. While it may not boast the luxurious look and feel of the Nathan James, or the traditional feel of the Sauder Desk, it is a solid piece of wood with four legs and a pretty finish. It is available in many colors, so there is sure to be one to suit your room, and it won’t blow your budget. 

After all, it’s for your guests. It is a nice and simple piece of furniture you can utilize for their stay which adds a sense of place to the room. 

#4 Most Traditional – Sauder Edge Water Desk

There is no desk more traditional and colonial than this. The Sauder Edge Water desk with its Auburn Cherry finish has a very cozy and warm look where guests can work as if they are at home. With 3 drawers and one cupboard, there is ample storage space for your guest, or for you to store any extra amenities. 

Coming in at over $200, it is the most expensive on this list and is definitely not for all budgets. If you can make some room in your budget for this masterpiece, it may just be the one for you. 

#5 Best Anywhere – 2 Drawer Office Desk

As part of the OFM Essentials Collection, this desk provides a sturdy storage space for guests. It is a little more expensive than some options, but it does offer 2 storage drawers. Its refined and minimalistic design will fit in anywhere and is perfect to store guest amenities. It isn’t recommended to place any luggage on the desk, however, it likely won’t support the weight. 

Shopping for a Desk – Buying Guide

Shopping for a desk for your Airbnb can be challenging, but fear not, this buying guide will help you find the right desk based on your space and budget. 


Desks come in many materials; wood, cork, plastic, glass, metal and marble. It is important that you choose a material that won’t stain or scratch easily. If you are in the market for a decorative piece, you could opt for something on the higher end such as glass or marble and take a risk. Or, save some money and go for a wood or cork desk that will look great and provide the functionality you need.


The writing, executive and shell ‘types’ of desk are perfect for an Airbnb. And, if you rent out a loft or a very abstract space, then a leaning or ladder desk could also be suitable. You may want something that can be utilized, either as a decorative piece, storage space, work unit, or for guests’ luggage. 

Writing desks are simple, four-legged desks with a flat piece of material to across the top (e.g. Modern Simple Study Desk).

Executive desks are usually heavy and made of solid wood. They are decorative and have panels which cover the legs. Storage drawers and cupboards are also common (e.g. Sauder Edge Water Desk).

Shell desks usually feature 3 panels on the outside leaving room in the front for your legs or stored items.

Leaning or ladder desks are minimalist in nature, have a very contemporary look and lean against the wall. They often come fitted with lots of storage space. 

Dimensions and Shape

On average, desks are between 28” to 30” high, so this is probably a safe way to measure a desk for an Airbnb. No one knows how tall or small a guest will be, so it is best to stay within the average. The width is totally up to you.

Desks come in many shapes. The space it will occupy will determine the shape you will need to look for. Rectangular, U-shaped, oval, or L-shaped to wrap around a corner. There is something for every space imaginable. 

So, what will you choose?

Regardless of your budget or space, there is a desk for your Airbnb out there with your name on it. Just think through your purchase methodically and ask yourself if you really need a premium and expensive desk. Chances are, you will require something that suits the majority of guests and is multi-purpose – something that you won’t have to replace soon.

If you are looking for a value for money desk, the pick of the bunch would have to be the Modern Simple Study Desk. On the other hand, if you would like to include a traditional and durable piece in your space, the Sauder Edge Water Desk is the one for you. Whatever you choose, it is bound to make your space more welcoming as well as add a subtle dash of character. Happy shopping and happy hosting!

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