Best Coffee Tables for Airbnb 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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To help you find the right coffee table for your Airbnb, we have searched far and wide for the top 5. Some say that a living room without a coffee table is like a supermodel without high heels, simply incomplete. The presence of a coffee table in your Airbnb will not only complete the living space design but bring a sense of relaxation to the room. It is a space where your guest can unwind and center their living room activities at the end of a hard day’s work or sightseeing. 

Coffee tables come in many shapes, sizes, and materials so it really depends on your individual space as to what design you want. We bring you the top 5 in the best value for money, budget, and premium categories.

Best Coffee Tables for Airbnb 2020

#1 Value for Money – Vintage Industrial Coffee Table

This highly polished piece looks great in any room. With a sturdy metal frame and two solid wood panels, this coffee table is a great investment. It may last in your Airbnb for a very long time and can endure some of the harshest treatment from guests. 

Coffee or juice spills? Not to worry, they wipe off easily, thanks to its durable surface. Definitely the best value for your money on the market.

#2 Best Premium – Walker Edison Marble/Gold Rectangle Coffee Table

This magnificent marble-topped coffee table is sure to add a pop of luxury to your space, with its simple, yet elegant design. The addition of a gold-coated frame, adds to its character and looks marbleous (pun intended) regardless of where you put it. 

What’s more, it is made with a durable metal base and topped with marble, so you can be sure that scratches will remain hidden and spills can just wipe off. 

#3 Best for Small Budget – Furinno Espresso Coffee Table

If you are in the market for an inexpensive, yet functional coffee table, look no further than the Furinno Espresso Coffee Table. This low-priced piece may look simple, but it is highly useful and looks great. The two storage bins on the lower shelf offers ample space to store a few extra basic amenities or games.

However, beware, as this piece isn’t built like the others and is made of corkboard, meaning that, while it is still sturdy and reliable, it might scratch and dent easily. 

#4 Most Traditional – Del Hutson Natural Reclaimed Barnwood Farmhouse Coffee Table

For a traditional farmhouse feel, you cannot go wrong with this lovely piece. Made with reclaimed natural barn wood, it could not look more natural and will instantly give your living room a cozy, rustic feel. This is one of the best coffee tables for your Airbnb as it is made with natural timber, meaning scratches and spills are easily fixed. You can bring a piece of the outside into your living room at an affordable price. 

#5 Best Anywhere – Walker Edison Round Coffee Table Marble/Gold

The best coffee table for anywhere in your home simply has to be the walker Edison Round Coffee Table. Made with the same materials as its bigger cousin listed above, what sets this table apart is its ability to subtly slide into any room anywhere. 

Comparatively, it is on the pricier side of the options we listed, but if you are willing to pay a bit more for its perfect mix of beauty and practicality, then this is the option for you. 

Buying Guide – What To Consider

Shopping for any piece of furniture is difficult since price, size, shape, and durability need to be considered, as your listing may have a lot of traffic and experience much wear and tear.


Before purchasing a coffee table, consider how you want your guest to use it. Do you want it to be used, or do you want it just for show? Do you mind coffee stains all over it, or would you prefer one that wipes easily? What if your guest decides to put their feet on it? Does your space require something practical, or just a showpiece to spruce up the room?


The style of the space that the coffee table will occupy will determine the design of the coffee table you are looking for. If you have a more contemporary and modern style space, you may opt for a nice marble table. Or, if your space has more of a warehouse/industrial feel that invites families to entertain around it, then you may consider a rustic looking wood or matte piece. 

Best Shape

Coffee tables come in many different shapes, some more abstract than others. The most appropriate shape for your coffee table will be based on the shape of the room, other furniture, and available space. 


Another big factor in furniture shopping is the budget. Coffee tables can be very cheap or very expensive but the amount you wish to spend will come down to how important the table will be in the space. If you are predicting scratches and wear and tear, then it might be best to stay on the cheaper side. If the table is more of a decorative piece, then splurge and buy something unique that will add some character to the space.


Don’t get caught up in fancy designs and overpriced tables. One simple piece of advice to take away from this buying guide is this; consider the intended use of the table, design, and shape so that you can buy the best coffee table for your space at the best price. 

At the end of the day, this will be used in an Airbnb home, and it would be recommended to opt for something on the cheaper side to avoid paying a high price for something that might get ruined in a rather short period of time, even if it is just for show.

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