7 Best Artificial Plants for Airbnb 2023 (That Look Real)

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Decorating your property is the first step to a fruitful career as an Airbnb host. Each city and country has its take on interior character and design. As Airbnb is a home-sharing platform, the demand for traditionally designed, authentic accommodation is high. However, what will help drive your guest satisfaction and comfort levels through the roof is the presence of plants – which is why we’ve put together a list of the best low-maintenance, artificial plants for your Airbnb.

Take a look to see which one is best for you and put the cherry on top of what is already a fantastic home!

7 Best Artificial Plants for Airbnb

Succulents: Aloe Vera, Echeveria Laui & Haworthia Coarctata

Although the last 2 species of these plants are a mouthful, don’t let this deter you. These mini succulents will help bring a sense of calm to your space. They may be small, but this means they are perfect for your bathroom, coffee table, or even placed nicely next to your TV. These premium-quality plants will make you question if they are real. Without the upkeep of their real-life cousins, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Faux Palm Tree

Enter Paradise with the Faux Palm Tree. Whether your property is in tropical Hawaii, desert Arizona, or in the middle of the Big Apple, this piece will help bring the tropics indoors; suburban or rural. You may decide to place it in the hallway to give your guests this feeling right away, or you might opt to place it in the corner of the living room to bring calm to a space where they’ll spend time relaxing. Whatever you choose, the Faux Palm Tree is a great choice if you want to create an authentic paradise vibe. 

Lavender Plant

Many of us love the look and smell of lavender, but real plants require watering and other upkeep. Well no more! Faux Lavender is upon us and simply looks amazing. Having the soft, lush colors seen in the Lavender species but no maintenance, yes, please! It could be a suitable option if you are listing an apartment with no space for a garden and you want to add a pop of color to the interior.

Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree

This 6+ foot palm tree is perfect for any living room. Adding a sense of grandeur to the living space of your property, as well as giving your guests that vacation feeling. Simply pop the two pieces together and you have an authentic-looking ‘Grande’ palm in your home. The only maintenance required is a quick cleaning with a damp cloth every so often, otherwise, it stays green year-round.

Artificial Ficus Tree

If you live in warmer climates and have a garden, you may be more than familiar with the upkeep and shedding patterns of a real Ficus tree. But fear no more as the Ficus artificial tree can be a beautiful option for your space. Forget about shedding leaves and bare branches, this tree keeps its leaves all year. This tree truly brings the garden inside and will be a unique addition to your property. 

Ivy Leaf Vine

While the Ivy Leaf Vine Hanger contrasts some of the plants in this list, it would be a great addition to any doorway or bedroom space. Adding it to your bathroom may also bring tranquility to a place where a sense of calm is welcomed. Nevertheless, this hanging plant is sure to impress and is a great entrance or side piece for any room.

Hanging Potted Plant

Unlike the previous hanging Ivy, this particular one is potted and ready to hang on a wall or from the ceiling. There is no chance of water running through the pot and onto the floor because these plants don’t require any. Simply hang them anywhere in the house and it will instantly add character and uniqueness to your property.

Why should you consider fake plants?

You can try plants such as Cacti and other drought-resistant species, but they are not always guaranteed to survive as indoor plants. So, to see your money go a little bit further, you can invest in some artificial plants. They hardly need any attention (aside from occasional dusting) and are guaranteed to survive. Depending on your property type; room, apartment, townhouse, unit, villa, or an entire home, the addition of quality fake plants will allow your guests to feel at home while giving you less to worry about.

So, which artificial plant is right for you?

Well, that is a question only you can answer. With the selection of these best artificial plants for your Airbnb, there is certainly one or more that will suit your home. Moreover, it doesn’t matter where your property is located or what type of property it is. Any of these plants will bring your Airbnb to life. If you’ve never given artificial plants a chance, it may be time to do so. With the addition of just a few faux plants, your space can feel like home to your guests. Not to mention it will help enliven the magnificent space you’ve designed for your guests.

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