Airbnb Value Rating - How to get 5-stars on value

Airbnb Value Rating – The Mystery of Value

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Your listings can suffer from many people giving a 4-star Airbnb value rating. The rest of the Airbnb rating categories are very straightforward, but value can sometimes leave hosts (and guests) scratching their heads! Even more frustrating is that often, when guests leave a low rating for “Value,” they don’t actually give a reason why. We find that the most common reason is that they feel like they aren’t getting enough bang for their buck. In peak seasons, as the prices go up, your accommodations probably stay the same, so guests paying higher prices might have a lower perception of the value they are receiving. How do you end this phenomenon and get 5-stars across the board?

How To Get A Better Airbnb Value Rating

Add Low-Cost Amenities

Before you grab your wallet and purchase a giant flat-screen TV, consider the little things your listing may be missing. Go take a look at your Manage Listing page on Airbnb and click on Amenities. How many boxes can you check with a low amount of effort? Consider adding as many “amenities” as possible, even if it is something as simple as shampoo or cooking oil. Guests seem to really be impressed by our listings when they show up and everything is ready for them to enjoy instead of having to run out to the store to buy salt & pepper.

Add Furniture & Décor

Sometimes guests may be underwhelmed by a listing that has very minimal furniture and decor. This may impact your value rating on Airbnb. While we advocate keeping your listing simple and clutter-free, it is always a good idea to consider if you have the essential furniture in place. Does every guest have a comfortable place to sit and relax? Is there a nightstand next to every bed and a place to charge their phone near it? Is there somewhere for them to hang their clothes and place their suitcase?

Make sure all the windows in your listing have window treatments, especially when it comes to bedrooms. Whether it be blinds, drapes, or shutters, it’s important for privacy and guests will feel safer if they don’t have to worry about prying eyes. Guests will appreciate the ability to sleep in if they want to. If you have a bare window, guests might be rudely awakened by sun in their eyes.

Similarly, you can add value by creating an inviting atmosphere with décor. Perhaps consider what vibe you want your listing to create, and then find décor that fits with that. For example, our cabins in the mountains are rustic themed with a hunting lodge type feel. Know your market and what people are looking for when traveling to your destination.

Consider The Cool Factor

For a great value rating on Airbnb, your listing should have one main feature that really sets it apart from the others. Is your listing in an amazing location? Then you probably don’t have to worry about adding a main feature because you already have one. If your feature is an amazing view, consider adding something that helps visitors enjoy that view, like outdoor seating or a heat source so it can be enjoyed during colder weather. If you don’t have an amazing location, then you should try to add an amenity that will make your listing stand out. This could be a hot tub, an outdoor lounge area, or even a pool table. Once you have figured out your best amenity, make sure it is included in your listing’s main photo and the listing title.

Get Smart

Another way to increase your Airbnb value rating is to add new technology that increases the guest’s experience and sense of luxury. Smart thermostats and smart locks provide an additional sense of modern luxury that could really impress your guests as well as adding energy efficiency and security for your property. Smart lighting will also give the guest the ability to create custom ambience and enhance their enjoyment inside your listing. Adding an Amazon Echo device so guests can use Alexa to interact with your smart devices also provides another level of convenience. A smart TV can help them access their favorite apps and streaming services.

What ways do you add to your Airbnb value rating? Tell us in the comments.

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