Airbnb Shopping List – Bedroom Essentials

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Preparing each bedroom for your short-term rental may seem straightforward. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, to ensure your guests have a great experience. This checklist of bedroom essentials will make your shopping quick and easy.

Bedroom Essentials Checklist

Quality Bedding

We’ve written before about the importance of high-quality bedding in your short-term rental. If you skimp on the bedding, then even the best mattress¬†may seem uncomfortable to your guests. These sheet sets are affordable, durable, and most of all, comfortable. A true bedroom essential!

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Mattress Protector

There are a few reasons to invest in a mattress protector. Aside from ensuring your mattress does not get stained or damaged by guests, it can also protect you from bed bugs. This one is waterproof, dust-mite-proof, and bed-bug-proof. Make sure you also put them on the box spring, because box springs can easily become infested with bed-bugs as well.

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Extra Pillows

You may know by now how important quality pillows are. It’s a good idea to keep 2-3 extra pillows in the closet of each bedroom. Some guests are comfortable with 1 or 2 pillows, but many people prefer to sleep with more.

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Extra Blankets

Extra blankets are a must. Depending on your climate, you may want to go for a lightweight option, or a more functional, heavy-duty one. Either way, we’ve found that guests love having comfy blankets available to use for extra warmth at night or to curl up with on the couch. These are lightweight and come in enough colors to accommodate any color scheme.

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Luggage Racks

A luggage rack may seem optional but it really is a bedroom essential. Not only does it provide your guests with a spot for their luggage, but a luggage rack can help prevent the spread of bed-bugs by keeping suitcases away from bedding.

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Guests appreciate hangers, especially those who are staying for more than one night. Some guests are put off by plastic hangers, so these wooden hangers may work well for you. You don’t need many. Twenty per room is a good amount to have on hand. Hangers are one of the requirements for a Work Collection-eligible listing. This may have a positive impact on your search rankings!

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Ironing Board

Although the ironing board is a bedroom essential, you don’t need a full-size version. This tabletop ironing board is portable and easy to store. This is a perfect option for vacation rentals.

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A user-friendly iron is a must for vacation rentals. We like this one, which has an automatic shut-off feature. It’s important not to skip this one because an iron is one of the requirements for a Work Collection listing.

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