Airbnb finishing touches

Airbnb Finishing Touches Checklist

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We’ve covered the major things you need to take care of when turning your home into a successful Airbnb. You’ll be in a good position once you’ve stocked your short-term rental with the right towels and linens, and purchased all the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor essentials.You can certainly begin renting once you’ve got the basics covered. If you’re interested in making your listing even more appealing (and who isn’t!?), there are some small things you can add to your property that will make the guests feel even more at home. Consider adding these Airbnb finishing touches to get you one step closer to Superhost:

Airbnb Finishing Touches:

Coat rack

We’ve found that guests really appreciate having a dedicated coat rack for their coats, hats, scarves, and even gloves. It’s especially appealing for cold climates where guests will be traveling with bulky coats and sweaters.

“Mud Mat”

Most homes have a Welcome mat, but you want to put a little bit more thought into the kind of mat you have on your doorstep when you have an Airbnb. You don’t want guests tracking dirt, mud, or snow into your home, and guests don’t want to either – they don’t want to spend their vacation in a home with mud covered floors, or feel responsible for a big clean-up job before checking out. Invest in an effective “mud mat” and your guests will thank you!

Board Games

We’ve written before about how much guests love getting activity recommendations in the welcome binder.  The first Airbnb finishing touch we added to our own rental was a great selection of board games, which is just another way for you to provide your guests with more options for entertainment. A deck of cards (or 12!) and set of poker chips is also a great idea. Having games available also makes your listing more appealing to guests with kids!

Extra Lighting

Extra lighting is almost always a good idea. For outdoor spaces, string lighting is a guest favorite. Extra lighting in closets, hallways, and anywhere else that needs it is a smart investment too. Our handyman was able to install recessed lighting all over our rentals, which is great if you have that option. Otherwise, any attractive and functional lighting will do.


Coasters are a great way to add a little personality and style to your space, while protecting your furniture. Guests appreciate this added touch as well.

What are your favorite finishing touches? Tell us in the comments!

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