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10 Best Toys To Leave In An Airbnb For Families

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Airbnb hosts often want to make their properties enticing to as many types of people as possible. A wider reach means more guests! One of the ways to do this is to equip your Airbnb for families with a variety of games and toys.

Families with children make up a good percentage of Airbnb guests, and many hosts will find it advantageous to include them in the planning of their space. If you want to cater to families, toys are an essential addition and a great way to make families feel welcome and at home. 

We’ve created a list of the ten best toys to leave in your Airbnb for families. When choosing toys, it’s important to select a few that target all ages. The majority of the toys on this list cover all ages and are sure to make any family happy they came to stay.  

1. Doodle Board

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One of the simplest and yet most effective forms of amusement for kids is paper and crayons. However, providing crayons or markers with coloring books is likely to leave you with “masterpieces” all over the walls. Plus, once the pages are used, they will need to be replaced. 

Instead, give them a drawing pad that’s guaranteed to be mess-free: a Doodle Board is a perfect choice. It allows kids to draw over and over again on its reusable LCD pad. It’s colorful and doesn’t require any clean-up. It’s also great for all ages. 

2. UNO

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Leaving some type of card game in your Airbnb for families to play is an excellent idea, and UNO by Mattel is a great choice. This card game classic is a beloved favorite, easy to play, and can involve the whole family. 

This version, that comes in a tin, ensures that all the cards are more likely to make it back into the container. You also won’t have to deal with cardboard that eventually tears from overuse or overeager kids. 

3. Wooden Tetris Puzzle by Coogam

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Wooden Tetris Puzzle will keep children entertained and focused. Parents who need a break will thank you. This wooden puzzle from Coogam with 3D blocks is known to stimulate kids’ minds and is used in Montessori education. Plus, it’s solid enough that you don’t have to worry about it breaking. 

With this toy, you also might want to consider keeping the pieces in a zippered plastic bag so that kids can easily replace them when they are done. You won’t end up with missing pieces. 

4. Animal Figurines

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Providing toy animals for families with young children is always a safe bet. Most young children love animals and will be immediately drawn to them. 

This 12 piece safari set is a great buy as it offers a wide variety of animals. Each one is of a decent size and made with BPA-free plastic and non-toxic paint.

5. Water Blasters

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If your property has a pool or is located by a swimmable body of water, it’s a smart idea to provide some kind of water toy. Families will love that they can grab something from the Airbnb to bring and play with in the water.  This Water Blaster Soaker Gun 2 Pack makes the perfect addition. 

6. Toy Cars

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Toy cars have always been a favorite for kids. The DINOBROS Dinosaur Pull Back Cars add an extra element of fun. Kids can “wind up” the car and let it go, making it zoom across the room! Plus, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? DINOBROS comes in a six-pack, and each car features a different type of dinosaur. 

7. Stuffed Animal

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An Airbnb geared towards families can never ever go wrong with a stuffed animal. However, don’t just go with the usual suspects, like a teddy bear or a rabbit. Something a little different will draw the kiddies in, which is why this stuffed octopus by DENTRUN is a perfect choice. 

The octopus comes in 4 different sizes: 7 inches, 16 inches, 24 inches, and 32 inches, as well as five different color choices. It’s adorable to boot, and will really make families feel welcome in your Airbnb. Just be sure to wash and disinfect any stuffed animal before new guests arrive.

8. Jenga

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Toys may be for “kids,” but you also need to take into consideration families with bigger kids and teenagers, as well. Jenga fits the bill. This is a great game to bring the family together and keep kids unplugged from smartphones and video game consoles. 

It can easily be stored away on a shelf and doesn’t take up too much space. Keep in mind that this game does involve falling blocks, so you may want to have a table in your Airbnb that won’t be damaged by it.

9. Magnetic Building Tiles

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Although Legos are popular and often the preferred toy for building, they can be small, sharp, and easy to lose or swallow. A much smarter choice is magnetic tiles like this Picasso Tiles 60 Piece Set

Great for all ages; these colorful tiles inspire creativity and ingenuity in kids and are extremely safe to use. 

10. Pogo Stick

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While the idea of a pogo stick inside your space might sound like a disaster waiting to happen, this Foam Pogo Jumper from Flybar is a much safer version and works for pretty much all ages. It can be used either inside or outside and can hold up to 250 pounds, so it’s extremely durable. We personally suggest leaving a note that it can only be used outside, just to avoid a possible crash.

Toys in an Airbnb for Family

You don’t have to make your Airbnb a toy land, but leaving options for a rainy day when the family can’t go outside and explore is always a smart idea. It will boost customer satisfaction and reviews.

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